Prey arrives for mobiles: Android version available

by Tomás 13, Dec, 2016

We told you this had been some crazy weeks! Well, we're happy to start off this new year with the announcement of the first mobile version of Prey. That's right: Prey now works in Android phones, thanks to the amazing work of Carlos.


Why mobiles

Simple: because you asked for it! It was also the natural next step, considering that we already have Prey running on Windows, Apples, and penguins as well.

Why Android


Because we think it's a good place to start. Google's platform looks very promising (amazing phones are available and even more are on the way), the documentation is quite good, and they have helped us all along with the development -- we were lucky enough to get one of the Magic's they gave out last year!

What it does

Basically, Prey for Android works the same way as it does in Portables and Desktops. The only difference is that there's no standalone mode (yet), and the activation is not done via the Control Panel, but by sending an SMS to your phone with any message you want. By default this is "GO PREY" but you can (and should) put something else that will keep your friends from pulling jokes on you.

The good thing is that Android phones are geo capable, which means that we don't need to try to grab a picture of the thief, we can just fetch the exact current location using the phones GPS or by using GSM triangulation. And it works!



So basically, when installing the app, you can attach it to your current Prey account (if you have one) or you can easily create a new one from the phone. Then you set up the SMS messages for activation/deactivation and, whenever the time comes, you just send an SMS message from another phone to yours and the reports will start coming in.

If you then want to disable Prey, you can do so by sending another SMS (by default, "STOP PREY", which you can also change), or by unsetting the missing status on the Control Panel. That's it.

What's the catch

None! As the Windows, Linux and Mac versions, Prey for Android is free as in free beer. Our goal is to have a complete tracking solution for all your different devices, so that you have a centralized location in which you can monitor not only your computers but your gadgets as well, phones, cameras, microwave ovens, who knows. This is just getting started!

How do I get it

You can scan the QR below, follow the link on the image above, or just look for it in the Android Market. You can find it by searching for "Prey" or browsing the Applications > Tools menu.

Market QR

What's next

Exactly what's on your mind: other mobile platforms. We've already started playing around and hopefully we'll have another one rather sooner than later. Right now we want to focus in making the Android version work smooth as silk, and see what response we get from our users. So go on, try the application out, and let us know if you experience any issues. While you're at it, you can always take the time to give it a couple of stars too! :)

If you have any questions, as always, feel free to ask in the mailing list. Happy hunting!

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