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GOT(IT) #33: Apple to secure Lightning port against hacking, plus how Uber uses machine learning to detect scammers

by Nicolas Poggi June 18, 2018

From Whatsapp, to Apple's iPhone encryption, law enforcement has always looked for back-doors to access protected user data. The industry's stand? With the users, always.

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Data on the Wild: Protecting Intellectual Property on Remote Workers

by Nicolas Poggi June 13, 2018

The 2017 Gallup study on the state of the American workforce found 43% of Americans work remotely some of the time, up 4% since 2012.

A 2017 report from Global Workplace Analytics and FlexJobs finds 3.9 million U.S. employees, or 2.9 percent of the total U.S. workforce, work from home at least half of the time, up from 1.8 million in 2005 (a 115 percent increase since 2005).

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GOT(IT) #32: Ransomware attack on Atlanta cripples basic services, plus VPNFilter's router botnet is alive and growing

by Nicolas Poggi June 11, 2018

Infrastructure attacks have been escalating over the last year, from the standard intrusion to grid networks to March's attack on Atlanta's basic services.

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GOT(IT) #31: Coca-Cola employee data breach, Ticketfly hacked and ransomed, plus Steam code execution vulnerability

by Nicolas Poggi June 4, 2018

Lay-off procedures are more than just awkward situations, they can also be a risk to your company's secrecy and data infrastructure.

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IT Managers: How does GDPR Affect Mobile Device Management?

by Nicolas Poggi May 30, 2018

Here at Prey we know managing vast mobile fleets can be a pain in the you-know-what. We are talking dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of cell-phones, laptops, and tablets chock-full not only of corporate data, but also user data.

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GOT(IT) #30: FBI seizes Russian botnet, researchers pass AMD SEV virtual machine's encryption, plus  Z-Wave IoT attack.

by Nicolas Poggi May 28, 2018

We've hit three decades of Got(IT)! Well, ok, thirty posts, not years, but we will get there!

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What’s New: Updated Privacy Policies and Terms of Service

by Nicolas Poggi May 24, 2018

With the arrival of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) this May 25th, we worked to make the example and further develop our platform’s Privacy core.

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Top 6 Frequently Asked Questions About GDPR

by Nicolas Poggi May 23, 2018

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is practically here –it comes into force on May 25–, and there is no going back. As an IT manager, can you say your company is ready?

A recent CompTIA survey of 400 US-based companies –published in early May–, revealed 52% are either still exploring the applicability of GDPR to their business, have determined that GDPR is not a requirement for their business, or are unsure. Just 13% say they are fully GDPR–compliant.

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The Impact of GDPR on IT Management

by Nicolas Poggi May 16, 2018

Does your organization do business with European firms? Does your IT department manage user data originated in Europe? If this is the case, you might want to check this out.

Unless you have been living under a rock –a big one– you know user privacy has become the key issue of our tie. But in spite of scandals like the Equifax data breach of 2017 and Cambridge Analytica this year, American regulators have largely dismissed their user’s privacy concerns.

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GOT(IT) #29: A no-password future by Firefox, FBI's numbers on cybercrime, plus Google query mines accounts from Trello boards

by Nicolas Poggi May 14, 2018

This week we talk about a password-less future! What's your password-killer choice? Biometrics, physical keys, or another one?

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GOT(IT) #28: Doppelgänging Ransomware, Pacemakers cybersecurity fragile, plus Android P blocks network monitoring.

by Nicolas Poggi May 7, 2018

This week we're looking at new threats and security changes that could soon become day-to-day issues!

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How to Communicate BYOD Governance Policies to University Students

by Nicolas Poggi May 2, 2018

Have you ever considered asking students in your campus to leave their mobile device at home? Exactly. The answer would be quizzical looks and a resounding “no!”

Mobility is just part of everyday life for the vast majority university students, like electricity or tap water. They come to campus with mobile phones, laptops, consoles, and wearables without many concerns about securing their devices or protecting campus networks.

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GOT(IT) #27: GrandCrab ransomware campaign, Total Meltdown working exploit, plus the Drupalgeddon

by Nicolas Poggi April 30, 2018

A week of warnings! This time we have a recap full of flaws, exploits, and malware, so keep your eyes open and see what could affect your network.

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Learn More About the Internet of Things, Here are 10 Blogs to Follow

by Nicolas Poggi April 24, 2018

Back in August, we wrote about the future having arrived for the Internet of Things (IoT), exploring Three key IoT trends to keep your eye on in 2017. As we noted then, the industrial sector leads when it comes to the development of IoT solutions, but new industries are starting to catch up...

Vendors like Amazon, Apple, and Google are leading the charge in bringing millions of new home devices online to join the billions of intelligent IoT solutions. These devices are spreading into people's homes and into new industries, which are discover multiple new applications for these devices.

Businesses and consumers need to understand how IoT impacts their own products and solutions and to explore how IoT devices can be deployed to help with their day-to-day business. Yet with so much progress, it’s become harder to cut through the noise to identify and understand the innovations that matter, or the new applications of IoT that we can learn from.

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IoT + BYOD: Opportunities & Potential Risks posed by Wearables

by Nicolas Poggi April 18, 2018

Take a quick glance around your office, and you may quickly note that several of your company's employees are now sporting wearables, which most often come in the form of fitness trackers. You might even own one!

In 2015, eMarketer projected that, by 2019, two out of five people will use a wearable. And thanks to an abundance of anecdotal evidence, that number checks out.

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GOT(IT) #26: Flaw in Outlook leaks passwords, cyberattacks target accountants, plus police forces seek to crack iPhones

by Nicolas Poggi April 16, 2018

This week we steer clear from this year's tendencies and we start to look into new flaws and targets!

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Mobile Security & BYOD: Employees are a bigger threat than cybercrime

by Nicolas Poggi April 12, 2018

It is so much easier to fear the enemy—intentional or accidental—outside the gates than those which stand within them.

Unfortunately, it seems that many of today's CTOs, as well as business owners themselves, do in fact feel far warier of the risky behaviors—and sometimes flat out bad intentions—within their organization than they feel regarding anonymous hackers and other cyber-criminals when it comes to mobile security.

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10 tips for creating a Secure BYOD Policy for your Company

by Nicolas Poggi April 11, 2018

As a user-generated movement, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is clearly unstoppable. Every study and poll out there show an inexorable, growing adoption curve that shows no sign of slowing down.

BYOD sure does offer cost savings to enterprises. However, it also poses important security risks if the right precautions aren't taken. If you haven’t done so yet, the time has come to regulate this BYOD business in your, er, business.

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What's up: Location Awareness, Custom Wipe, and a renewed Desktop Experience!

by Nicolas Poggi April 11, 2018

Triple user-requested features coming through! We're updating some of Prey's features with feedback from you guys, see what's new.

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GOT(IT) #25: Cellphone spying suspected in DC, outgoing White House emails not protected, plus ransomware isn't dead (yet)

by Nicolas Poggi April 9, 2018

New day of the week for GOT(IT), but this year's security topics still feel like a spy vs spy strip!

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Protecting Company IP with Prey: Domco Technology

by Nicolas Poggi April 5, 2018



Learn how this organization tackled corporate data loss with a device security and management tool for their remote worker's assets. 

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Proactive Device Security for Faculties: Wesleyan University

by Nicolas Poggi March 29, 2018

Learn how this University ensured a smooth digital environment by making device security part of their deployment protocols.

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GOT(IT) #24: Iranian attacks on Universities, Russian agent behind Guccifer 2.0's mask, cryptojacking follows the tide

by Nicolas Poggi March 23, 2018

2018's top cyber-threat tendencies are living up to their name: state-sponsored attacks and cryptojacking continues on the rise

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GOT(IT) #23: US sanctions Russia over recent attacks, IoT health devices at risk, plus millions of Androids factory-infected

by Nicolas Poggi March 16, 2018

After a year full of accusations and political cyberattacks, countries are starting to take action against government sponsored hacks.

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GOT(IT) #22: Your Data's Price in the Dark Web, plus almost 50,000 sites infected with Cryptojacking

by Nicolas Poggi March 9, 2018

We've seen major data breaches last year, now it's time to see what the attackers make of our account's credential sales in the dark web.

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GOT(IT) #21: GitHub struck with biggest DDoS attack ever, new Spectre Variant, plus 20,000 stolen ETH returned

by Nicolas Poggi March 2, 2018

DDoS attacks were out of control last year, but this also pushed prevention companies in their efforts, and it has truly paid off.

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GOT(IT) #20: FedEx client leak, Hack the Air Force initiative wins, plus Skype's major exploit

by Nicolas Poggi February 16, 2018

Imagine you're in a stranded island, with nothing but a ball named Wilson, and a FedEx package appears in the beach with leaked user credentials...

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GOT(IT) #19: iPhone iBoot Code leak, 36 cybercriminals who stole $530m indicted, plus air-gapped computers hacked

by Nicolas Poggi February 9, 2018

We hope this week's cybercrime bust gives awareness of how big the impact scope is, and how necessary it is to educate and prevent.

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GOT(IT) #18: Cisco VPN bug with 10 out 10 severity, fitness app reveals secret US bases, plus Oracle micros flaw

by Nicolas Poggi February 2, 2018

A critical week with critical security flaws! But then again, which security issue isn't critical? The silliest breach can open a huge window for attackers.

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Protecting Mobile Healthcare Data in Multiple Counties: Jackson-Hinds CHC

by Nicolas Poggi January 30, 2018

Preventing remote access isn't the only barrier an educational institution can rise to defend both the professionals and the patients' data.

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GOT(IT) #17: Exploit in Blizzard's games, one third of global firms breached, plus the cryptocurrency craze

by Nicolas Poggi January 26, 2018

An exploit in games with such a following could be atrocious. Security in online games is an odd, but extremely dangerous niche for attackers to focus on.

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GOT(IT) #16: Agressive new Android spyware, LeakedSource founder arrested, plus Gmail users ignore 2FA

by Nicolas Poggi January 19, 2018

We've discussed good password practices before, and even if the industry is divided when talking about password managers, we can all agree that 2-Factor-Authentication is a must.

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GOT(IT) #15: Intel patches impact performance, the future of WPA3, plus cryptomining through Wi-Fi

by Nicolas Poggi January 12, 2018

The week after the chaos, patches keep rolling and trouble keeps coming with Spectre and Meltdown's fallout damage to computers and OS.

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2017's Top stories from Prey users who fought theft and won!

by Nicolas Poggi January 11, 2018

Adios 2017! Time to look back at our user’s craziest stories with Prey, tracking their stuff back and fighting crime altogether.

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GOT(IT) #14: CPU flaw leaks Kernel memory, forces resdesign, codename Spectre & Meltdown

by Nicolas Poggi January 5, 2018

Now that the dust has settled, let's see what this critical CPU flaw means in terms of vulnerabilities, performance, and patching.

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GOT(IT) #13: Windows face unlock tricked, crypto-mining malware in Android, plus TV espionage exploit.

by Nicolas Poggi December 29, 2017

This year's last GOT(IT)! Lucky number 13, right? Fit for IT security skepticism, let's check this 2017 latest security news.

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GOT(IT) #12: North Korea accused of WannaCry, over 120 million US households exposed, plus the password debate.

by Nicolas Poggi December 22, 2017

We had pretty severe leaks this year, right? Equifax being the top of the list, until Alteryx stepped up and redefined the concept of leaked personal data.

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5 Tips to keep your Christmas gadgets safe and merry all year long.

by Nicolas Poggi December 13, 2017

Ahh, Christmas. Cheesy ornaments, great food, and awesome deals on gadgets. The perfect moment to update and secure everyone's favorite mobile devices!

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Device Security in Education: Carol Morgan School

by Nicolas Poggi December 4, 2017

Educational institutions are entering the digital era, and thus expanding their device fleets to laptops, tablets, and more devices to give their students and teachers new learning opportunities.

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GOT(IT) #11: FBI failed to give hacked officials notice, High Sierra login flaw, websites' new method to mine currencies.

by Nicolas Poggi December 1, 2017

If it'd aid an investigation, would you compromise an official's security by allowing these hackers to continue to act instead of giving notice?

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What's up: Extra features & Extra control on iOS

by Nicolas Poggi November 28, 2017

Hey you! Yeah you there with the iPhone and iPad. We've got news for you, buddy! Level-up your iOS device to unlock Prey's features.

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GOT(IT) #10: Uber covers 57 million user data breach, the FCC tackles Net Neutrality

by Nicolas Poggi November 24, 2017

We've reached the tenth edition of GOT(IT)! For this special date we'll talk about two huge topics, data breaches and Net Neutrality.

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Thanksgiving 101: Helping your mobile devices survive the trip

by Nicolas Poggi November 22, 2017

Time to pack your bags, load the car, and travel a few miles to share Thanksgiving with loved ones! But hey, you can't leave your gadgets behind.

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GOT(IT) #9: Billion accounts in the black market, AVGater flaw gives full system control, plus Boeing 757 hacked

by Nicolas Poggi November 17, 2017

You know what doesn't sound fun? Missing Thanksgiving because your plane got hacked, hell of an excuse though.

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Now Chromebook-ready for tracking and protection

by Nicolas Poggi November 14, 2017

We love to say Prey is ONE ACCOUNT TO RULE THEM ALL! Well, actually, to protect and manage them all. 

Currently we support Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Android, iOS, and macOS in terms of operating system; while device-wise, Prey is available for tablets, laptops, desktops, and mobile phones. Well, the family has grown!: Prey is now supported in 54 Chromebooks (See the list).

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GOT(IT) #8: Pwn2Own tackled top-tier phones, Fancy Bear hit-list discovered, plus Heathrow's security leaked.

by Nicolas Poggi November 3, 2017

A USB stick was found laying on the ground with top-secret security protocols for Britain's Queen? Someone's gonna get fired.

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GOT(IT) #7: WPA2 vulnered, Android's DoubleLocker ransomware, plus naval and aircraft military data stolen.

by Nicolas Poggi October 20, 2017

How do you react that a world-wide used standard that has been compromised? Patches, patches everywhere.

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GOT(IT) #6: John Kelly's phone compromised, Home Mini listened several users, plus Equifax hacked (again)

by Nicolas Poggi October 13, 2017

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) can cause security headaches if not handled properly, and this time, White House's Chief of Staff John Kelly caused a heavy migraine to the States' tech support.

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GOT(IT) #5: Yahoo's record breach grows, Russian hackers stole NSA data, plus new Dnsmasq flaws

by Nicolas Poggi October 6, 2017

What's worse than holding the record for the biggest data breach of all time? Well... Realizing it was actually three times bigger. October's certainly not good news for Yahoo!

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GOT(IT) #4: Deloitte's leak,  Cloudflare free DDoS protection, plus credit cards stolen from Sonic Drive-Ins.

by Nicolas Poggi September 29, 2017

September's end brings great news from Cloudflare, who will offer free DDoS protection services to all users. Are we looking at the beginning of global cybersecurity?

Friday's come with a whole lot more than dart tournaments at the office, let's recap this week's security news! This time it was Deloitte's turn to fall under an attack, plus grabbing a burger on the road might compromise your credit card; but hey, it's not all bad news.

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The 4 best business Password Managers of 2017

by Nicolas Poggi September 26, 2017

I think we learned a clear lesson from Equifax's catastrophic breach: People sucks at thinking good passwords.

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GOT(IT) #3: CCleaner got infected, new SMS scam on Android, plus UK's request to WhatsApp

by Nicolas Poggi September 22, 2017

The third one's the lucky charm, right? Well, it doesn't quite work that way for IT security news. Software is as volatile as ever and another one bit the dust: CCleaner.

 With GOT(IT) #3 we took our eyes out of Equifax's chaos and looked up to discover CCleaner has been infected, Android reported a new malicious app attack that implements an SMS scam, and WhatsApp refused to create a backdoor for the UK Government

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GOT(IT) #2: Equifax's lack of security, U.S. Government cuts Kaspersky usage, plus BlueBorne attack.

by Nicolas Poggi September 15, 2017

Back for round two? Top-shelf security news this week, with intelligence precautions taken by the US Government, a follow-up on how unprepared Equifax was (or is?), and the Bluetooth exploit BlueBorne.

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GOT(IT) #1: Equifax's catastrophic breach, new IRS scam, plus hacked power grids.

by Nicolas Poggi September 8, 2017

Ladies and gentleman, if you could please raise your glasses for the first weekly tech news recap at Prey... Got(IT)! We had a rough week in terms of security, with the latest IRS scam and possibly one of the biggest personal data breach of all time: Equifax.

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****, my computer was hacked! 3 things you should do immediately

by Nicolas Poggi September 4, 2017

What do you do when you get hacked? Aside from panic: you react. Many can relate to this: you open an attached file and bam... Your whole computer acts like a demonic force possessed it.

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MDM Spotlight Nº4: Closing the MDM Timeline with Mass Actions

by Nicolas Poggi July 19, 2017

Finally! Two spotlights and a bonus track later, we reach the present day. Get ready for the upcoming crowning MDM feature: Mass Actions

Ladies and gentleman... the circle is complete! With Mass Actions, Prey's Dev Team will reach the final milestone in the Mobile Device Management (MDM) timeline, achieving our goal of making Prey's robust security large scale friendly. 

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MDM Spotlight N°3: Bonus Round, nothing's out of hand with File Retrieval

by Nicolas Poggi July 19, 2017

The Bonus Round in our MDM package, File Retrieval. A little extra control on something you just can't lose: Data.

We already covered Control Zones and Advanced Search & Labeling, now it's time for a quick bonus round! Before we reach our upcoming addition, Mass Actions, let us treat you with our File Retrieval feature.

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MDM Spotlight Nº2: Tidy up with Advanced Search & Labeling

by Nicolas Poggi July 19, 2017

Spotlight number dos! There's no Mobile Device Management without some organization and tidiness.

Coming up on this spotlight, our Advanced Search & Labeling features. The second key milestone on our Mobile Device Management (MDM) package. Without it, using our upcoming feature, Mass Actions, wouldn't be so easy!

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MDM Spotlight Nº1: Control Zones, the first step to this Summer's Release.

by Nicolas Poggi July 19, 2017

Summer comes with a great release! Say hello to the upcoming Mobile Device Management (MDM) package.

With the arrival of our new Mass Actions feature at the end of this month, we're happy to say we'll reach an important milestone: our core MDM feature timeline will be complete!

It's a road our developers started ridin' a year ago, working on better solutions for mass deployments. Step by step, each new feature released: Control ZonesAdvanced Search & Labeling, File Retrieval, and today, Mass Actions

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Prey Business adds Anti-Theft and Mass Management features for more secure mobile environments

by Matias Wolff July 19, 2017

San Francisco, July 19, 2017 – Prey Software, provider of the cross-platform, open source anti-theft software that protects more than eight million mobile devices, today announced a new version of its enterprise offering with improved anti-theft and multi-device management capabilities. The new geofencing and file retrieval capabilities in Prey Business helps small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) secure devices before they can be lost or stolen, while advanced search, labeling, and mass action tools enable organizations to track and control in environments with 30 or more devices.

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Fog computing or edge computing: I ain't afraid of no technology

by Matias Wolff June 15, 2017

Fog Computing or Edge Computing is so much more than the latest "hip term" in Silicon Valley.
It has nothing to do with misty graveyards or horror movies. It does have everything to do with the current and future viability of the Internet of Things (IoT).

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3 Key Internet of Things trends to keep your eye on in 2017

by Matias Wolff June 9, 2017

If the Internet of Things (IoT) doesn't prove the future is now, nothing does.
For now the industrial sector leads the development of IoT solutions. Many promising use cases in business are coming to light.

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Geofencing: 7 commercial and industrial use cases

by Matias Wolff June 1, 2017

Geofencing technology is a recurring subject in our blog because it’s so useful and flexible.

So far we have put greater focus on managing geofenced devices . But some commercial and industrial applications offer benefits beyond data and hardware security.

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Customer Support should listen to The Boss and keep that human touch

by Fabián Núñez May 8, 2017

The Boss, Bruce Springsteen, said it best in his 1992 hit “Human Touch”: In a world without pity, do you think I'm asking too much? I just want something to hold on to, and a little of that human touch.

I think of this song whenever I need Customer Support. As I listen to endless recordings, fill out never-ending forms, and wade through useless user forums, my frustration levels go waaaay up. To the point I just want to ask:

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Track your device, and snap the Prey ;-)

by Matias Wolff April 28, 2017

CBS 5 ran a story on how Prey helps recover lost devices and how all its features work, along with one of our many success stories by not only talking with an user who recovered his notebook, but also showing how Prey works in real time.

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Security software: how to track your devices on iOS without it

by Matias Wolff April 10, 2017

I hate to ask this, but, did you lose one of your iOS devices and forgot to install a security software with tracking?

Don’t worry, there are still some options that can help you recover an iPhone, iPad, or iPod without having proper security software. We hope that next time you’re way more prepared with an app like Prey ;).

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Data Security: what are DDoS attacks and how do they affect it?

by Matias Wolff April 6, 2017

It's likely that, on more than one occasion, you’ve entered a website only to discover that it's down for unspecified reasons. Soon enough, you come to know that the service was the target of an attack, and it had to shut down for a while. Hacking is usually the first conclusion, but actually, it could have been something far more subtle and direct than that. We are talking about a DDoS attack, one of -if not the most common type of attacks today, which cost millions every year to institutions.

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How to track your Android devices without tracking software installed

by Matias Wolff April 3, 2017

Has your mobile device gone missing and you forgot to install a security software to track it? Don’t worry, there are solutions to recover it, be it a tablet or a cellphone, that we’ll show you in this post. Although we truly hope next time you don’t forget to install a security software app like Prey ;).

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The oddities presented during the World Mobile Congress 2017

by Matias Wolff March 31, 2017

The past World Mobile Congress showcased many new things. We would have loved to be there! Thanks to the Internet we can meet the latest products that companies presented during this event aimed at the  specialized press and IT experts from all over the world. We got to know the weirdest and most interesting novelties of the convention. 

Just as some things caught the eye of everybody, there were some lesser known models that worked as an experiment of things to come and trends that might be getting just a little bit too extreme.

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Cyber Liability Insurance: Is it really necessary for data security?

by Matias Wolff March 29, 2017

A cyber attack is something no institution wants to be part of, but the chances of being affected by one never stop being a possibility, no matter how much you have spent on data security in your company, so being prepared is a priority. But, what happens once you’ve being targeted by an attack or are already affected? The costs involved in the process are so high that a new plan of action is needed, and there is one option taken straight from our daily life.

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Using Geofencing in Higher Education Establishments

by Matias Wolff March 24, 2017

In this modern age, a higher education establishment isn’t just a place for books, encyclopedias and large places for studying, but instead, a big part of their information and resources are stored in computers, servers and workstations, making the handling of these assets one of the biggest roles of the device manager.

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5 Podcasts for IT Professionals

by Matias Wolff March 13, 2017

Being an IT professional has its perks. One thing that some might agree on is that when you work in IT you’re just sitting. A lot. Doing nothing but being worried with your asset management in front of a computer. But even if your hands and eyes are busy coding or preparing a workflow, your ears are still clear. You can use them to expand professionally, have fun and learn new things while you work.

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Top data security challenges for 2017

by Matias Wolff March 9, 2017

Cyber and Data Security is a hot topic nowadays. Not only is it present in our daily life, but it has started to affect other areas such as politics, international relations and even the well-being of complete companies, so being prepared should be one of the most important things to take care of this year.

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Prey: Take device tracking to the next level with Geofencing

by Matias Wolff March 7, 2017

You know those collars that zap dogs if they leave a certain area? Even though that is a cruel practice, there is a way you can keep a similar control of your devices. Of course you won't get zapped, but you will always know your devices are where they should be.

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Making the most out of Prey: Tips and Tricks for Data Security

by Matias Wolff March 2, 2017

Having your devices secured is amazing. You can track them, manage them and even have a software like Prey tell you when your devices have been turned off for a while, or if they left a specific location, and more. So with this in mind, I thought to put together some tips on how to make the most out of Prey.

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Prey: An ally when recovering your lost devices

by Matias Wolff February 28, 2017

Losing a device, or worse, being robbed of one is never a good experience, and therefore we want to be with you throughout the whole process until you recover your laptop or mobile, or make sure your precious data is secured or wiped.

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Only Prey can bring Android, iOS, Windows, Mac & Linux together

by Matias Wolff February 22, 2017


Do you remember back in the day when having a Motorola phone with a blue backlight and polyphonic MIDI ringtones made you the most popular kid in the block? Those were the days, just you, your phone and lots of spectators learning the wonders of this new tech called texting.

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How can Prey reports help me recover my lost devices?

by Matias Wolff February 20, 2017

Your laptop or mobile device was just stolen. That sucks, what if there was a way to recover it? With Prey installed you would be one step closer to getting your devices back thanks to its enhanced reports system.

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Asset management & advanced search: wizard's guide to label location

by Matias Wolff February 17, 2017

You’ve realized that an advanced search capacity is a must have tool to track your devices in multiple locations. Managing devices of different kinds in any institution is a challenge.

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4 Challenges CIOs and IT Professionals will face in 2017

by Matias Wolff February 16, 2017

Hello 2017! Adiós 2016, a year that many wanted to leave behind. But now, a new period is starting, that will bring many opportunities, good moments in the office and also multiple challenges that you will have to be prepared for.

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The Current State of Handling Device Security in a BYOD system

by Matias Wolff February 14, 2017

There are many benefits for an institution that applies a BYOD system. Reduced costs, better use of the device’s capabilities, quick use and a shorter implementation. But letting users bring their own devices makes an IT department lose its iron grip of the security and data gathering department, since they won’t have control over it anymore, opening the doors for security breaches and lack of behavioral reports.

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IT management: who’s first, the CIO or the CTO?

by Matias Wolff February 10, 2017

Depending on their size and structure, organizations have a Chief Information Officer (CIO) and a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in charge of corporate software and IT management . But the difference between their roles raises many people’s eyebrows.
Company IT asset management has changed completely from what it looked like 5 years ago. Office work is more flexible. CEOs have implemented bring your own device (BYOD) environments, software as a service (SaaS) and cloud-based servers .

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Top 5 Apps For Data and Device Protection

by Matias Wolff February 8, 2017

If you’re here it means you care about your devices, right? Security is your top priority and keeping your data safe is what you want to do to keep those pesky evildoers out of your sensitive information.

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Phishing Attacks - How to improve your data security

by Matias Wolff February 3, 2017

Phishing is one of the oldest scams in the books, and with a success rate of 30%, no matter how well prepared you are and how many anti-malware software you have installed, it is you who will be the main culprit if you fall for this, putting your data security at risk.

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Cyber Security Threats  IT Professionals in Education Face

by Matias Wolff February 1, 2017

If the Death Star's plans could be stolen by a bunch of young rebels, what about the strategic data of your educational institution? Is it safe enough?

Schools and universities are highly connected environments, every day there are hundreds, or even thousands, of students, academics and employees, walking around and using their laptops, tablets and smartphones, accessing institutional data every single minute.

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Why Advanced Search in mobile security is a must-have

by Matias Wolff January 27, 2017

X-wings, B-wings, Y-wings, managing all these different kind of battle starships was not a piece of cake for the rebel alliance when they attacked the Death Star (twice!). In the same way, managing different sort of devices in a company is a challenging job because every unit has its own specifications and requirements.

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Data security software: geofencing corporate leaks

by Matias Wolff January 25, 2017

IT asset management has changed. With corporate bring your own device (BYOD) practices, data security needs advanced anti theft security and enterprise mobility solutions such as geofencing technology, to add invisible layers of access restrictions based on location. 

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Getting the most of your asset management with our new advanced search

by Matias Wolff January 23, 2017

Have you ever had trouble looking for a device among the hundreds you’re supposed to manage? Maybe you keep track of them using a notepad with all the serial numbers, or maybe you’re just able to recognize one just by looking at them, but hey, it can be done way easier, and we’re here to show you how to do It using the new features of the new Prey advanced search.

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Device security: internal threats and how to solve them

by Matias Wolff January 19, 2017

“There is no patch for careless, greedy or stupid.”

This quote was recently said by Chuck Norris. No! Just kidding! It was the former FBI computer intrusion head Don Codling to Computer Weekly. He was talking about how companies of every size deals with computer security and internal threats and how -despite all the efforts that IT asset management do to avoid attacks, data breaches, and failures- businesses should always be prepared for the human factor.

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10 books every IT Manager should read

by Matias Wolff January 16, 2017

Don't worry, I get it. Reading an actual physical book is so ten years ago. Today with the technology there could even be an app for VR where a mystical elf reads you the book while you rest on a stump. But there is something about them that really helps us understand the original vision of the authors, and there are great pieces for IT Management to learn from.

This is why we have compiled our list of the ten books an IT Manager should read, in no particular order, because rankings are for very organized people and popular YouTube channels.

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Worst data security breaches of 2016

by Matias Wolff January 13, 2017

2016 was a busy year for our arch-nemesis, The Hackers. Data security and theft recovery is a serious issue. Sometimes people and companies take it for granted.

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5 great Chrome extensions for IT Managers

by Matias Wolff January 10, 2017

Chrome is the world’s most used web browser, and whether you like it or not, 73% of Internet users have it as their preferred option, and this number keeps increasing each month.

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5 useful Slack integrations and bots

by Matias Wolff January 7, 2017

Remember when chat rooms were huge in the early 00s? Slack takes this concept and turns it into a very useful tool for teams, which can be improved upon using the numerous Apps and integration options available to this highly customizable experience.

IT Professionals can truly take advantage of this tool, which they’re probably already using, by adding the ones that fit their and their organization’s needs. We’ve compiled a list of five options that are bound to be useful if used properly.

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5 Great Events and Keynotes for IT Managers this 2017

by Matias Wolff January 5, 2017

Being an IT Professional has its ups and downs, and one of the main perks of being one is that you must always be informed of how your own area of work is growing and evolving. This is something that progresses along with you, and there is so much room to be explored, and because of this it is almost mandatory for a good IT Manager to be up to date on the latest trends.

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Corporate device security: Main threats that are lurking the industry

by Matias Wolff December 26, 2016

Are you ready to pay a ransom for your own personal data? You better have your digital weapons prepared, because cyber attacks of this kind  against mobile device security are rapidly growing. The 2016 Internet Security Threat Report, developed by Symantec, stands that ransomware has increased 35% in the last year, and now it isn’t only attacking PCs but also smartphones, Mac and Linux systems.

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How to make device security in educational institutions unbreakable

by Matias Wolff December 21, 2016

Nearly 97% of U.S. college students have a cellphone, and 79% own a laptop. That’s a lot, right? Problem is that both devices are a very attractive loot for campus thieves - 4.5 million smartphones were lost or stolen in the United States in 2013 - and who’s responsible for computer security in educational institutions? Yeah, you, the IT avenger.

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Control Zones, our geofencing feature, now available for laptops

by Matias Wolff December 20, 2016

Releasing Control Zones some time ago was a big deal for us and our users. Finally, a geofencing feature for Prey was seeing the light: it was now possible for our users to create zones in the map in their Prey account and get notified each time a device left or entered an area. All fine and dandy, for iOS and Android.

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Improve Device Protection on Campus with Geofencing

by Matias Wolff December 19, 2016

Laptop thefts on campus are one big headache for IT guys. But what if your university has multiple campuses in town? A bigger headache!

In the United States, the Department of Education says this headache is "the most common crime on college campuses," according to Consumer Reports.

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Device security in schools: BYOD for lovers and haters

by Matias Wolff December 16, 2016

Choose the right answer: BYOD is...
a) An excellent idea. Why I didn’t come up with that? I could get a bonus.
b) Crap. Did a meteorite hit your head?
c) What the hell is BYOD?

Since the “bring your own device” (BYOD) policy started to be widely implemented in educational institutions in the United States, lovers and haters of this solution have been raising their voices to determine if this really means a deep improvement for education and campus safety.

Let’s take a look at the most common pros and cons about it. Let the fight begins!

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Corporate data recovery: are you a man with a plan?

by Matias Wolff December 14, 2016

You're in charge of corporate device management, and your laptop security software shows that there's nothing more you can do with those stolen protected devices.  You’ve made up your mind and realize that, even though you tracked the location of the company device, it is physically impossible to retrieve them.

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IT Asset Management: What Would The 2020 CIO Look Like?

by Matias Wolff December 11, 2016

Open source laptop tracking, mobile management systems, enterprise mobility solutions… you name it.  By the year 2020, IT asset management will be completely different from today, and your average IT manager’s job description will be completely different.

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School computer theft: Jedi tricks for data recovery & device tracking

by Matias Wolff December 7, 2016

Device management in schools is no longer just about PC tracking after a computer theft. Schools who are looking for the best recovery software must also consider issues like device and laptop data recovery, and use their information to help the police. 

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Data recovery software: what to do before wiping it all out

by Matias Wolff December 6, 2016

Anti theft security is not just about protecting your laptop or mobile phone, but the sensitive information that they store. As a CEO or CIO, you're not only concerned about mobile tracking devices. The value of a security software also lies in protecting your data. The cost of your device is nothing, but data recovery is everything. The fruit of your company’s labor is priceless and precious…

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Prey is now safer for you with two step authentication access

by Matias Wolff November 11, 2016

Big news, guys. We’re enabling a two-step verification option for all of our users, an extra layer of security that’s getting more common and necessary day by day. Meaning: if you want to, you’ll be required a verification access code apart from your regular password to access your Prey account.

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Better device management with new features: advanced search and labels

by Matias Wolff November 2, 2016

So you need to keep tabs on 30, 100, 10000 different phones, laptops, and tablets? No problem. Our new advanced search and labels features make a better job than Spock and Captain Kirk at managing large fleets.

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Use geofencing to actively keep track of your devices

by Matias Wolff January 22, 2016

You know what’s great about Prey? That you can get into your account and see where your devices are at any given time. You know what’s not so great about Prey? That you need to do this every time you want to know if they’re safe of not. This. Ends. Today.

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New Feature: Introducing Starred Reports

by Matias Wolff November 25, 2015

Prey’s new feature allows Pro users (those with Personal, Home or Customized plans)  to star reports, which will make handling the information Prey sends much easier and faster.

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Good news: double report capacity for free users and no more automatic report deletion

by Matias Wolff October 20, 2015

If you’re familiar with the use of Prey, you probably already know about the way our reporting feature works. Once you set your device as missing on your Prey account, report generation is triggered.

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Why Is Prey Difficult to Uninstall on Android?

by Matias Wolff September 2, 2015

Don't you hate when it you download an app that's not what you expected? Even worse: what if you can't even remove it from your phone or tablet? We get it, because we hate that too  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Improved protection for laptops, Prey version 1.4.1

by Matias Wolff August 12, 2015

Say hello to our latest updates and improvements! Yes, we’re excited to tell you about the things we’ve been working on, but we’re more excited about you experiencing them all by yourself.

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Post mortem: why Prey was down, how we fixed it and what's next.

by Matias Wolff July 21, 2015

On Sunday, July 19th, 2015, Prey experienced an incident that lasted well into Monday 20th, effectively suspending all of our services and keeping users from being able to log into their accounts. We alerted our users on Sunday through our Facebook and Twitter accounts, and we were able to detail the status of the issue in two separate blog posts that explained how everything unraveled the next day.

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Prey’s back!

by patricio July 20, 2015

We’re super glad and relieved to say that Prey is finally back from the dead. As you may have noticed, our service was down for several hours due to issues with our hosting provider. It was merely an administrative problem that took us too long to resolve, and we truly apologize for all the inconveniences it may have caused. We’re still analyzing how and why the issue happened - it was a big one, but we learn from our mistakes.

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Our service is down and we're working to solve it

by Matias Wolff July 20, 2015

Hi, the Prey Team here. So you probably already noticed our service is currently down, which means there’s no way to access your Prey account - therefore, you’ll be unable to use any of the features Prey normally provides.

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Prey now working with police force against theft

by Matias Wolff July 10, 2015

Last week we talked extensively about the dangers of daring to retrieve a stolen device all by yourself. There are many… even deadly ones. No phone or laptop—or whatever’s in them—is worth risking your life. Our final advice: please go to the police. If your devices are ever stolen, report them to the authorities.

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If Your Device Was Stolen, Go to the Police (and Other Friendly Advice)

by Matias Wolff July 1, 2015

We’ve been recently hearing a lot about the potential dangers of using a tracking app to locate a stolen phone, tablet or laptop and going straight to the thief’s lair to retrieve it all by yourself.

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Doing Customer Support Right: The Prey Way

by Fabián Núñez June 20, 2015

Unexpectedly good support. You put big companies to shame.
— David, United States.

You probably know Prey as a world-class anti-theft application that helps you track and recover your lost or stolen electronic devices. That's our product, after all, so you'd be 100% right. What you probably don't know about us is how satisfied our customers are that they chose Prey as their security solution, and how we do to make them so. Here's the first of several blog entries telling about our company's inner workings: How we nailed customer satisfaction making it one of our core values.

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5 Tips to Boost Your Anti-Theft Protection With Prey

by Matias Wolff June 3, 2015

We know that sinking feeling of desperation that comes with losing a smartphone or a laptop - it’s not just about the money, it’s about so much more.

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How Prey Anti-Theft Helped Farmer Recover Stolen Goods

by Matias Wolff May 26, 2015

Although Prey Anti-Theft is an app intended to recover lost and stolen phones and laptops, a chilean businessman got creative — and used it to recover sacks of stolen produce.

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The upgrade process begins

by Rodrigo Aliste April 23, 2015

Times have changed, and so has Prey.

For some time now we've been working on a completely new and stronger agent for laptops, and it's finally ready for battle. Starting today, we will begin the upgrade process for all devices belonging to free accounts that aren't currently reported missing. This rollout upgrades the Prey agent to its latest version, which greatly improves device location and responsiveness, and also lays out the foundation for some of the new features we've been working on.

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The founding feathers are back

by Tomás October 29, 2014

If you're old enough to have seen the moment when Prey, the Prey Project, was born, you might remember that our logo used to be a realistic condor: a massive vulture native to the Andes mountains, that can grow up to two meters wide with its wings fully open. Basically a huge terrifying beast.

What you probably don't know is that the original condor logo was the product of a one-minute Google search for something like "big threatening bird that is about to eat something that is also big", and a following two-minute "convert bitmap to path" command on Inkscape using the first or second entry for that search.

Those were the days.

Some months later we got to run Prey on a phone for the first time, using a G2 Android that we were lucky enough to get at the I/0 conference in 2009. (Oh yes, young ones. There was a time when you could actually get into Google's event just by buying a ticket). Then we realized that we needed a squarish icon, and that our current horizontal big logo wouldn't fly for that purpose, so we had to figure something out.

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Prey 0.6.3 for Laptops is out! Improved geolocation, and more

by Tomás May 16, 2014

You may have heard that a new, fully rewritten and awesome desktop client is in the works, and you heard right. But that doesn't mean the existing one will disappear overnight. We plan to keep on supporting it until the new one is solid as Frodo's mithril armor, and this is a good way to prove it.

We've recently pushed an update that includes a quite a few things, but most notably a bugfix that handles an edge case that prevents Prey from determining your laptop's location. It occurs when the number of nearby Wi-Fi hotspots is so immensely long that not even Zeus has enough time nor the willpower to fully read it.

To see what else is in the menu, keep on reading. If just you can't wait, well, then just head directly for the kitchen. 0.6.3 will be waiting for you. All users are recommended to update -- which includes you, of course.

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SSL/TLS "heartbleed" vulnerability patched for all Prey services

by Fabián Núñez April 8, 2014

The whole internet was affected by a major security vulnerability, known as Heartbleed. It was disclosed yesterday, so you might already know about the bug, which allows anyone on the Internet to read the memory of the systems protected by the vulnerable versions of the OpenSSL software, the technology used to encrypt most of the internet, including us.

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The new Prey for Android allows you to wipe your stolen device

by Fabián Núñez December 5, 2013

Pro Users: Did you lose your company's device, with all your customers' data on it? Don't worry. The latest version of Prey for Android now can wipe your device clean, in case you need to protect that sensitive information. Just a click on your Prey account will effectively reset the device to factory defaults, securing your company's secrets.

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Prey 0.6.1 for laptops is out!

by Tomás November 19, 2013

Just a quick fix for our Bash desktop client, mainly for compatibility.

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Our new YouTube channel will help you install Prey, generate reports, and more

by Fabián Núñez October 30, 2013

Sometime during the past few years the old saying "pics or it didn't happen" mutated into "YouTube video or you don't exist," or something like it. That's precisely why we decided to bring life to our YouTube channel, to prove our existence to show you what we're into, to answer your questions, and also to share with you all our media appearances.

Surprisingly enough, we didn't have many YouTube videos, tutorials, or anything. It wasn't because we're lazy, we promise! It was just that we wanted to do something really, really good, and we couldn't find the time. But videos are finally here, and they're here to stay. They're simple, they're honest, and (we hope), they're useful. Enjoy!

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Command your phone via SMS with the new Prey for Android

by Fabián Núñez October 28, 2013

Some things are better off controlled remotely.

You know, like giant robots, Solid Snake's Nikita missiles, or even cockroaches. Since we really like robots (but not as much cockroaches), starting from today, you can also control your Android device using SMS commands. And honoring Solid Snake, from now on you can also hide Prey's icon at will with a simple call, effectively infiltrating any thief's defenses.

We just pushed the update to Google Play, so you should be getting it during the next few hours. It basically gives you full remote control over your mobile skipping the need of logging to the Prey Control Panel.

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Status Update: Preparing for battle

by Tomás October 9, 2013

Warning: this post is geeky as hell. However, it's written in a way that you'll still enjoy reading it, even if you know less about computers than my grandma.

Well, to be honest my grandma actually blogged regularly and was able to fix her internet connection on her own -- but anyway, you get the point.

So, a couple of months ago we pushed a release candidate for the new evented, asynchronous, ruthless client that will replace the one we have in production right now (more details here). This, however, is not a mere rewrite: it's a whole new beast.

I wanted to give a deeper insight to some of the new concepts behind this upcoming new Prey client for Mac, Windows and Linux lappies. I won't dive into boring details like versioning strategy or API design, but instead focus on the decisions we made to make this beast smarter and more reliable to protect our babies.

So here you go. The road to Prey 1.0.

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The new Prey for Android fixes pictures on Jelly Bean devices

by Fabián Núñez September 10, 2013

Our dear client for the Google platform got updated during the past few weeks, and we haven't even talked about it! If Prey is installed on your Android device, then you're most likely running the latest version, but did you know what's knew? Keep reading to learn more.

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We've got winners! Check the most peculiar devices running Prey

by Fabián Núñez August 12, 2013

When we first thought about this contest we never imagined how many people would apply. We got tons of emails from all over the world, from China to Iceland, showing how Prey can protect devices we never knew about. Last year we had Fernanda's story on how to protect a bicycle from theft, but now it was so much creativity that it was too difficult to choose. You won't believe how many geek things can run Prey!

Since we know you're dying to know who the winners are we'll make it quick. Just keep reading.

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Prey Contest Update: People's Choice Award

by Fabián Núñez August 6, 2013

A Prey cake!! Photo (and cake) by Franka Feenstra. We love you!

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Contest: Run Prey on your weirdest device to win an OUYA, plus Prey Pro for life!

by Fabián Núñez June 26, 2013

We want an OUYA here at the office. It's an awesome device, powerful enough to run lots of great native games, and can also run emulators. It's small, practical, beautiful, and runs Android. And as the geeks we are, we had the following conversation:

—Wait a second... Android? Google Play and all?
—Not exactly, but you can still install apps.
—I bet it would run Prey.

And well, we bet it would.

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Tip: Enabling a guest account on Windows & Mac OS X

by Patricia Laurié May 29, 2013

We're going to show you how to enable guest accounts on Windows and Mac OS X so that you can protect your devices from identity theft, or from it just getting stolen.

If your laptop is ever stolen, there's a very high chance the guy will turn it on and try to use it, either to see if there's anything of interest to him, or maybe just to surf the good 'ol internets for a while -- which is when Prey is meant to kick in.

But what happens if your computer is password protected and he's unable to?

Even though Prey works even if no user is logged in, it's hard to imagine someone staring at the login box for more than a minute, after trying the usual "123456" and "password" combinations.

In other words, chances of recovery are drastically reduced when there's no way for these guys to use your computer, at least for a while.

That's why creating a dummy guest account is so important for Prey to work its magic. Guest accounts have been woefully overlooked as merely an account for guests, but as you see, having one is a pretty good idea, just as protecting your documents with an account password.

Plus, if someone logs into a guest account in your lappy, he or she won't be able to mess with your stuff or remove applications, because guest accounts are unprivileged and restricted to a tiny sandbox.

Here's how to achieve it.

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Prey Labs: How to avoid buying a stolen laptop

by Patricia Laurié April 18, 2013

According to our database, about 20% of Prey's recovered devices were found in the hands of people who had bought them online. The most frequent sites used for these activities turned out to be EBay and Craigslist. It is important to emphasize that none of these sites condone the trading of stolen devices, and because of this reason, they have implemented their own rules and regulations to put an end to the commercialization of misappropriated electronics. Nevertheless, thieves still manage to bypass them, leaving users at their mercy.

We don't want you to become one of the victims and we are sure you don't want that either. So, we have gathered an assortment of advice for you to take into account when buying used devices from online classifieds.

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Prey Labs: How to protect your laptop while using a Wi-Fi hotspot

by Patricia Laurié April 10, 2013

According to Jiwire, there are around 823,314 free and paid Wifi hotspots in the world. There are 135,758 in the United States alone, meaning there's a pretty good chance you have used at least one of these hotspots at a hotel, the subway station, the nearest Starbucks or even the bus, yet, not many people are aware of the vulnerabilities they expose themselves to while using these hotspots, which include stolen social network, banking and e-mail information to name but a few.

But, don't panic.

The Prey Team is here to help you with your device's safety and so we present you 7 tips to take into account when using Wi-Fi hotspots.

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Tip: Stop Prey from being deleted in iOS

by Patricia Laurié April 4, 2013

As most iOS users know, it is extremely easy to uninstall apps in your iDevice. Just press an app icon long enough until it starts to shake uncontrollably and a little x will appear on the corner. Press it and the app is gone as quick as a bunny. But, have you ever asked yourself if there was a way to make uninstalling your favorite anti-theft software, a.k.a. Prey, less easy in iOS? Well, we have and we found a way. It is very easy and I will show how.

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Prey for iOS 0.6.1 released: Full iPad support, fixes pink pictures bug on iPhone 5

by Fabián Núñez March 26, 2013

Our hard-working coding gnomes have just confirmed the build of a new version of Prey for iOS. They haven't slept for a while, but thanks to them, version 0.6.1 was successfully pushed to the AppStore. This new version should fix the known issue of pink pictures on iPhone 5, and will also support the higher screen resolution on iPads, both for portrait and landscape mode.

There are also the usual bug fixes, performance improvements, and all that nerdy stuff we all like. So, keep reading to learn all the juicy details about this still-hot new Prey for iPhones and iPads.

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Tip: How to protect your mobile phone from street theft

by Patricia Laurié March 25, 2013

Cellphone theft has been rising quite considerably. So much so that the chances of getting your device snatched is becoming a scarily common occurrence. In London, 314 phones are stolen everyday, which is 70% of all the personals taken. In San Francisco,  40% of all the robberies in 2012 were of cellphones. This is no wonder when we take into account that carrying a smartphone, the majority of phones stolen, is akin to carrying $300+ in one tiny piece of equipment and that there is plenty of black market for such products in the world.

So, here are some pointers to protect yourself and your phone from criminals (gathered personally by the security gnomes from Prey Labs):

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Prey Labs: These are places your stolen laptop will most likely end up at

by Patricia Laurié March 15, 2013

Nobody is off limits when it comes to laptop theft. We use these portable devices for a myriad of things: to take notes at school (or randomly browse the internet at a boring lecture), for work, to store our important files, music, memories, and more. Sadly, no matter how much time or money we invest securing them, the chances of your laptop getting stolen are there, and according to your lifestyle, they can vary quite significantly.

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"Reusing is always better than recycling." Please keep that in mind when getting a new phone

by Fabián Núñez February 19, 2013

Every new cell phone looks so much more amazing than your current one, and you're probably thinking about getting one of them soon. But what about your current device? It still works great, and it's not even two years old. Are you sure you want to make the switch? If you're going for it anyway, please don't throw your old phone away like it was garbage. You can always sell it, recycle it, or give it away, and every one of these alternatives is much more environment-friendly, and energy-efficient than the trash can. But be careful, because your phone definitely stores private, and you wouldn't want it to be found by others.

If you're planning on buying a new phone anyway, keep reading to learn how to safely get rid of your old one.

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Your email account is your last line of defense. Hold it at all costs!

by Fabián Núñez February 8, 2013

Every service on the web will ask you for your email address, even when you're creating a new email account. An email is always a backup plan for times when you can't remember your password, or you can't access your account; and since that's the simplest way to confirm your identity, almost every site will do that. But what if someone hacks, and successfully hijacks your email account? With the current authentication services, a hacker could take over your whole online identity, including every site you care about.

But we don't want that to happen, so follow these simple tips to transform your email address in the stronghold you need to keep your online identity safe and sound.

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How to automatize Prey notifications and a bunch of other services using IFTTT

by Fabián Núñez February 5, 2013

IFTTT stands for If this, then that. It's a super cool website that claims to help you put the internet to work for you. It lets you create connections between 59 different web services using statements like the one above, for free, and it's so simple that anyone could use it. You choose the ingredients and then make your recipes, which you can share with the world if they make you proud. And if you're not in the creative mood, you can browse more than 50,000 public recipes available discovering some interesting stuff.

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How to track a lost device with no anti-theft software installed

by Fabián Núñez January 25, 2013

We get lots of questions from people that find about Prey only after their devices go missing, and we hate to tell them we can't help them. So we decided to gather a few tips that may help locate a missing device without any anti-theft protection. There's always hope!

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Say cheese! Prey for Android now features front camera support... plus some extra coolness

by Fabián Núñez January 16, 2013

We're still celebrating the world didn't end last year, and to show you how happy we are, here's our first 2013 present for you: Prey for Android now takes pictures of whoever steals your device. From now on, it doesn't matter anymore if your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone gets stolen—as long as there's a built-in camera on your device, you'll see the bad guys' faces.

But that's not all the news! Prey for Android got much more handsome, it also features an Uninstallation Lock, and now gathers hardware information to help you identify your lost device in case it gets found. Some bugs were also fixed.

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All you need to know about Prey for iPhone & iPad

by Fabián Núñez January 10, 2013

Everyone knows it -- iOS is a very restrictive platform, and doesn't make it easy to build an app like Prey. After releasing our iPhone and iPad client, we explained how we managed to make Prey work on it, despite the restrictions imposed by the Cupertino guys.

We then decided to release On-Demand for all users to reduce battery consumption and to simplify activation on mobiles. But still, many questions have arised about how this affects activation and why, on some cases, reports simply don't work.

So we thought it was a good time to wrap up all this content, and make a brief guide with all what you need to know about Prey for iOS.

Shall we?

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Tip: The 5 things you need to do when you get a new phone

by Fabián Núñez December 10, 2012

So you're all excited about your gorgeous, brand-new phone. What is it? An Android, iPhone, Blackberry or a Windows Phone? No matter what OS, vendor or carrier that you bought it from, there are things you should definitely do if you want to protect and keep your new device clean.

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Prey 0.5.9 for all desktops and laptops is out!

by Fabián Núñez December 7, 2012

A few days ago we pushed version 0.5.9, which is a big jump from good-old 0.5.3. While this new client includes a ton of new things, the most important being the fix for the geolocation issue (aka. "no map on reports"), plus duplicate device detection, full SSL support with certificate verification, support for OS X's network auto-connect, a better configurator for Linux and improved offline actions. Whew!

You can find and download the new client from our downloads section. For those of you interested in the small print, here's the full changelog.

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Prey On-Demand now available for all mobiles

by Tomás October 20, 2012

Good news everyone! You can now use Prey On-Demand on your iPhone, iPad or your Android phone or tablet whether you have a Pro account or not. This means more juice for your iPhone and iPad, and more love for Android tablet owners.

Keep on reading if you don't know what the hell we're talking about.

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We've been granted a presidential award

by Fabián Núñez October 12, 2012

Last friday we were invited to a special event in Chile's Presidential Palace. The man in charge, Sebastián Piñera -- aka. the President -- along with the Minister of Economy, Pablo Longueira, granted three awards to companies considered outstanding from a poll of over fifteen hundred.

Turns out we were one of them.

Piñera -- whom you might recall from the famous episode of the miners being rescued -- gave us an award for being the most innovative company of the year.

Yup, that's right! Keep on reading if you want to see the team shaking hands with the big guy.

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Prey Labs: The 5 most common ways laptops are stolen, and how to avoid them

by Fabián Núñez October 5, 2012

As you might have seen, we get lots of recovery stories from our users. They tell us how their stuff got stolen and how they got it back, and in some cases, how they managed to do this even from a different country.

So we decided to do a small research and list the top five places where laptops get stolen, according to the hundreds of stories we've received so far. This might reduce the chance of your laptop from being stolen, so go grab a cup of coffee and read this carefully.

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Amazing creativity: Using Prey to track your bike

by Fabián Núñez September 5, 2012

We're extremely happy to hear that every day Prey helps hundreds of people around the world recover their stolen property by providing the information needed to get them back. A few weeks ago, though, we heard about Fernanda, a Brazilian enthusiast who uses an old Android phone running Prey to keep her new electrical bicycle safe.

Yup, that's right mister.

She claims that there's not a single insurance company interested in insuring her bike in Brazil, so she developed her own security system without any help. If you want to learn how she managed to solve her problem, keep on reading.

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Control Panel: Four small, big changes

by Diego Morales August 22, 2012

Aloha! We just pushed a new set of updates for the Control Panel that we think are worth mentioning. They won't change your life but hopefully they will make it easier. Can you spot the difference between the previous version and what's at the top?

Keep on reading for the answers.

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Tip: How to secure and test your passwords

by Fabián Núñez August 21, 2012

Passwords and data leaks are so common nowadays that you can't be sure about what site was last hacked. In the last couple of months, users from big companies such as Last.fm, Linkedin, Yahoo!, Blizzard Entertainment and even Sony got hacked and their personal data exposed.

A Last.fm password hack doesn't seem particularly harmful but the truth is that most people use the same login/password for every site they have an account on. That means if someone got your password in Last.fm, they've possibly got your Gmail and PayPal passwords, and use your information for an identity theft and account hijack.

Here are a few tips to make your digital life a bit safer.

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Ninja updates for our Android client

by Fabián Núñez August 16, 2012

It's been a while since we last updated our Android client so it was time to put our elves -- I mean, our team -- back into Android action. We recently pushed a big juicy update that includes a complete revamp of the UI, some security enhancements, and yes, Camouflage Mode.

Right now you have two options: you take the blue pill, and head on to Google Play and install or update Prey on your phone or tablet. You take the red pill, you stay on our blog and keep reading, and we show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

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Give it up for the P team!

by Fabián Núñez August 8, 2012

As you know, our mission is to make the best anti-theft solution out there (in other words, achieve world domination). And that requires people! We haven't written much about the team behind Prey so we though it was time to show some of the faces of the people in charge of the battlestation.

Meet the newest members of the Prey team!

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Tip: Staying safe during the London 2012 Olympic Games

by Fabián Núñez July 26, 2012

You're planning to attend the London Olympics. Great! London is a beautiful city, full of life and places to visit. While it's not a particularly dangerous place to travel to, it's important you take some precautions just in case. Keep on reading for a few tips for your safety during the Games.

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Control Panel for mobiles ahoy!

by Fabián Núñez July 11, 2012

As you know, recovering your stolen laptop or tablet is all about getting the right information on time, and of course, keeping a record of it. Chances are that if you ever lose sight of yours, it will probably happen while away from home -- in a café, on the bus, on top the Empire State, who knows. Thing is, you need a quick way to trigger Prey into sending the device's location while on the run. And that's one of the things we've been working on.

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Kowalski, progress report

by Tomás June 27, 2012

Just dropping a quick note to let you know about some updates regarding security and performance and awesomeness that we've made to the Control Panel.

Full HTTPS support

Until now, only the login and signup forms pointed to HTTPS endpoints -- the rest of the site using plain HTTP. This was, in part, due to some of the assets being hosted on a non SSL-enabled domain, which caused browsers to complain about "insecure content".

Well, not any more. The Control Panel is now fully HTTPS, from tip to end. Download links also begin with 'https://' as they should.

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Tips: 8 essential things to do with your new computer

by Fabián Núñez June 18, 2012

Almost every day we get emails asking for tips on what to do after installing Prey. So we figured, given that our software is usually installed on new devices, why not share a few other tips as well?

So here's our list!

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The curious case of our iOS app [updated]

by Tomás March 16, 2012

UPDATE APR, 2012: At last! After a long wait, Prey is now back on the App store.

As you know, a couple of months ago we released a new client for the iOS platform. Exciting moment it was. The following weeks we got lots of feedback -- both good and bad, some of it very constructive -- and the app was also featured on a number of respectful tech sites on the Internext.

So everything was going just fine and dandy until one day the app suddenly dissapeared from the phase of the App Store without giving any trace. What the --?

Well here's what happened.

We pushed a new release containing a number of fixes and UI improvements and Apple not only rejected the update but unanimously decided to take the whole app down. Funnily, though, the app was rejected for stuff that hadn't even changed from version one.

We thought this would be a quick process -- which is why we didn't blog about this until now -- but it's already been more than a month so we though it would be good to give everyone the full scoop on what's going on.

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Prey for iOS: The inner workings

by Tomás November 18, 2011

Months ago, when we began drawing sketches, trying to imagine what the iPhone client for Prey would look like, well it sure looked easy-peasy. It really did. But when we actually put our hands into it, we bumped into a number of things we had to sort out to make Prey work the way we wanted to, and of course, without breaking any of Apple's rules. So it took longer than expected but the work is now done, and the wait finally over.

Prey is now available for iPhones and iPads at the App Store. Open source, for free, tested and ready to kick some burglar butt. Check it out.

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Now this is what we've been up to.

by Tomás November 3, 2011

Hey everyone, glad to be posting once again over here. It's been a while since I hit the "New Post" button on this blog, and god it feels good. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up on what we've been up to these last few months.

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It's official: Prey is now on Ubuntu and Debian

by Tomás April 29, 2011

Good news Ubuntu users! If you already upgraded to Ubuntu Natty Narwhal (11.04) then you'll be able to install Prey directly from Ubuntu's official package repositories. We've been working side by side with the Debian devs so now you'll be able to find Prey in Ubuntu's Software Center or get it by opening up a terminal and typing the famous one-liner:

$ sudo apt-get install prey

The package is listed on Ubuntu's universe repository so be sure to enable it through Synaptic it (Settings > Repositories > check Community-maintained Open Source software) if you want to use it.

Now, there's a few differences between the official Prey version and the one bundled in Debian and Ubuntu. Keep on reading!

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Prey 0.5.2: Keeping it tough

by Tomás January 27, 2011

0.5.2 is out! A while ago we pushed this release update which includes a couple of security enhancements, lots of code cleanups and a small fix for On-Demand mode, as some people were having trouble switching back to On-Interval after going to stand-by mode. Lets take a deeper look at the changelog:

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Pushing forward: What's new on Android?

by Carlos Yaconi December 29, 2010

We've been getting lots of questions regarding our new release for Android, so we though it'd be better to write them all down on a post. As you know, 0.5 for Android included a couple of new features, and that's mainly because we're using some of the new stuff Google's been packing in the Android OS.

This means that some of the new features from 0.5 won't work on phones using Android prior to 2.2. Initially we thought it'd be better to remove support for older phones altogether -- as you wouldn't get the real deal --, but your requests have once again made us change our minds: Prey 0.5 will run on older phones as well. We just pushed an update that lets 1.5, 1.6, 2.0 and 2.1 Android users download and update Prey from the Market as usual.

Ok, now that everyone's on board, let's head on to the good part!

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Click and boom: Instant Prey activation with On-Demand mode

by Tomás December 23, 2010

Today is a good day for Prey users.

As you all know, one of the biggest differences between the PC and the Android version of Prey is about the way it's activated. On PCs, Prey wakes up every X minutes and asks the server whether it should send a report or perform any actions. On Android phones, however, Prey doesn't need to check as you can "push" that activation signal by sending an SMS message from another phone. In other words, while on phones you can locate your phone the very instant you want to, on PCs there's always a lag that you need to wait for.

Turns out today we're putting and end to that.

Prey 0.5 boasts a new "On Demand" mode which lets you request a report and trigger actions instantly from the Control Panel, even faster that you can say crack-a-lackin'. No kidding.

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Prey 0.5 released! [updated]

by Tomás December 20, 2010

Update: 0.5.1 was just pushed. Fixed an issue regarding password on Standalone mode and checks for On Demand mode.

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New notifications system: Active Mode gets a boost

by Tomás December 20, 2010

When we launched Pro accounts, we included a new feature called Active Mode which lets you keep track of each of your laptop/desktop check-ins. It's pretty useful. It lets you know when was the last time your PCs pinged the server, so you can know if they're actually where they should be or not. Active Mode is automatically enabled on Pro accounts which means you only need to log into the Control Panel and take a look at the timestamps.

The only problems is that logging in is not automatic. And that's not good.

In order to be truly useful, Active Mode should work on its own, without you needing to log in every time just to check if everything's in place. And that's exactly what we've done: we've redesigned the whole notifications system on Prey's Control Panel to make it easier for you maintain. You can manage everything in one place and forget about checking in personally: Prey will simply keep you posted whenever something happens.

Take a look.

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Prey 0.4.4 to go, thieves beware

by Tomás September 29, 2010

We just pushed version 0.4.4 which fixes some things and also makes it even tougher than before.

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By popular demand, Pro accounts have arrived

by Tomás August 26, 2010

About a year a half a little GPL laptop tracker was born. It was called Prey and it didn't even work in Windows. Six months later, the Control Panel was launched, and some weeks later the first mobile client appeared. During this time, more than 800 commits from around about 20 developers were made, and there's already support for all major OS's, while new ones are on their way.

We've received some good attention on the media and nearly two million reports have already been gathered and sent to the Control Panel. The number of registered devices nearly tripled in the last five months, passing the 100.000 mark, and we've already needed to upgrade our servers exactly seven times. It's really been a hell-of-a-ride and we're more than amazed with the way things have unfolded.

Today we're giving a new step towards making Prey not only better but also bigger.

We've been thinking about this for a long, long time, and we finally realized that you guys were right. There should be an easy way to track more than three devices with Prey. Yes, it's time to get serious and to do things right. We're launching today Pro accounts for the Control Panel, not only to help us cover the server costs an to invest in more infrastructure, but to insure a continuous development flow in order to keep making Prey what we all want. That is:

An open, free, robust, featureful and easy to use tracking solution for everyone.

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Prey Control Panel, on crack

by Tomás August 26, 2010

It's been over a year since we launched the Control Panel and it was about time we made some changes. During the past months we've been noticing which things work and which needed to be looked at, thanks to the constant feedback we've received from you guys.

So, first of all, thanks everyone!

Here's a brief list of changes we've made to the Prey Control Panel, which hopefully will make it easier for you to manage Prey and keep an eye on what's going on with your stuff.

Here we go.

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Prey 0.4.1 released

by Tomás August 26, 2010

A while ago we pushed a new release that addresses some issues and also makes Prey a bit tougher.

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Prey 0.4: Lock and secure your PC

by Tomás July 29, 2010

Hello everyone!

The latest and greatest of Prey is packed and ready to go. Codenamed "Solid Snake", version 0.4 features two new modules, a lot of fixes and enhancements and some important code optimizations. If you wish to know how to update you can scroll to the bottom. Otherwise lets cut to the chase and see what's new!

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The Next Web 2010, here we are

by Carlos Yaconi April 27, 2010

Did you know we're one of the 25 finalist startups that were chosen to present at The Next Web 2010 conference in Europe? Hell we are! Thanks to an invitation from our good friends at Maestros del Web, we were able to get a spot on the main stage at this year's event in Amsterdam.

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Prey 0.3.7: Now, locate your computer

by Tomás March 22, 2010

Good news everyone. As of today Prey officially supports Wifi geolocation for Mac, Windows and Linux PCs. Check it out.

Original picture by Borya.

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Prey arrives for mobiles: Android version available

by Tomás January 7, 2010

We told you this had been some crazy weeks! Well, we're happy to start off this new year with the announcement of the first mobile version of Prey. That's right: Prey now works in Android phones, thanks to the amazing work of Carlos.

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Prey Control Panel updates: A whole new shebang

by Tomás December 29, 2009

We've been a bit silent lately, and that's not because we've been cruising the Cayman's or riding with Santa. The truth is we've been working like monkeys on Prey, and now the time has come to begin unveiling what's been done under the hood.

This time it's the Control Panel's turn. We've heard all of your requests and that's why we decided to take a while and polish all the rough edges, to add new features and thus make it easier for you to manage Prey and track your computers for when the time comes.

'Nuff said. Let's start from, well, from the beginning, shall we?

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Prey 0.3.3: A solution for all your (Windows) problems

by Tomás October 19, 2009

Hello everyone!

After a lot of testing we're glad to announce a new release of Prey, version 0.3.3, which will hopefully fix all the problems some Windows users were having with the reports in the Control Panel. There have been lots of changes (just look at the number of commits!), but the most important changes are:

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Prey is now 'HTTP semantic'

by Tomás October 19, 2009

Yes, the world as we know it has changed. Standalone Prey users, hear this: starting with Prey version 0.3.3, Prey will no longer be activated on a 200 OK response by default, but rather on a 404 Not Found response.

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Prey finds a new home

by Tomás October 1, 2009

At last!

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Some good news

by Diego September 24, 2009

It's been crazy, since our last post things have changed wildly, most of them are good news, and that's what i'm going to tell you. So, to begin with I would like to thank you all for spreading the word about Prey.

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Prey + Control Panel, it does work!

by Tomás September 5, 2009

As you may know, a few weeks ago we launched a new way of controlling Prey, by using a web control panel that allows you to activate it remotely with just a few clicks.

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Prey 0.3.1: Windows 64 bit support, fixes and what's ahead

by Tomás September 5, 2009

Hello everyone!

It's been some exciting weeks since the release of Prey 0.3. We've received a ton of feedback and new ideas, and more developers are joining the team and making contributions to make Prey even better.

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Yes, we now have a Prey web control panel

by Tomás August 18, 2009

One of the biggest requests we had in our suggestion box was to develop a way to toggle the missing state of your laptop in an easier way. Lets face it -- maybe you and me know what a URL is, but there's no way your sister or your mom will.

So basically our idea was to build a one-click way of activating Prey remotely, something simple yet useful, and not only for experienced hackers but to everyone.

So as we say in Chile, "pusimos manos a la obra", and not only did we accomplish our task but we decided to go a bit further.

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Prey version 0.3 is here

by Tomás August 18, 2009

Hey everyone! We're glad to announce the arrival of Prey version 0.3, which comes in with lots of stuff under the hood.

In general we can say a huge amount of code was rewritten for this version, mainly to make Prey a modular piece of software. This allows us to have more control over Prey, we can detect and correct bugs much faster, and best of all, it allows more developers to start playing and developing pluggable modules to Prey to make it even better!

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