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IoT + BYOD: Opportunities & Potential Risks posed by Wearables

by Nicolas Poggi April 18, 2018

Take a quick glance around your office, and you may quickly note that several of your company's employees are now sporting wearables, which most often come in the form of fitness trackers. You might even own one!

In 2015, eMarketer projected that, by 2019, two out of five people will use a wearable. And thanks to an abundance of anecdotal evidence, that number checks out.

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GOT(IT) #26: Flaw in Outlook leaks passwords, cyberattacks target accountants, plus police forces seek to crack iPhones

by Nicolas Poggi April 16, 2018

This week we steer clear from this year's tendencies and we start to look into new flaws and targets!

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Mobile Security & BYOD: Employees are a bigger threat than cybercrime

by Nicolas Poggi April 12, 2018

It is so much easier to fear the enemy—intentional or accidental—outside the gates than those which stand within them.

Unfortunately, it seems that many of today's CTOs, as well as business owners themselves, do in fact feel far warier of the risky behaviors—and sometimes flat out bad intentions—within their organization than they feel regarding anonymous hackers and other cyber-criminals when it comes to mobile security.

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10 tips for creating a Secure BYOD Policy for your Company

by Nicolas Poggi April 11, 2018

As a user-generated movement, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is clearly unstoppable. Every study and poll out there show an inexorable, growing adoption curve that shows no sign of slowing down.

BYOD sure does offer cost savings to enterprises. However, it also poses important security risks if the right precautions aren't taken. If you haven’t done so yet, the time has come to regulate this BYOD business in your, er, business.

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What's up: Location Awareness, Custom Wipe, and a renewed Desktop Experience!

by Nicolas Poggi April 11, 2018

Triple user-requested features coming through! We're updating some of Prey's features with feedback from you guys, see what's new.

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GOT(IT) #25: Cellphone spying suspected in DC, outgoing White House emails not protected, plus ransomware isn't dead (yet)

by Nicolas Poggi April 9, 2018

New day of the week for GOT(IT), but this year's security topics still feel like a spy vs spy strip!

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Protecting Company IP with Prey: Domco Technology

by Nicolas Poggi April 5, 2018



Learn how this organization tackled corporate data loss with a device security and management tool for their remote worker's assets. 

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5 BYOD Risks to avoid & how to amp up Security in the BYOD Workplace

by Nicolas Poggi April 4, 2018

Although it never really went away, BYOD is making a comeback of sorts in 2018. And, boy, do many US corporations –possibly including yours– have a lot to catch up on.

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Proactive Device Security for Faculties: Wesleyan University

by Nicolas Poggi March 29, 2018

Learn how this University ensured a smooth digital environment by making device security part of their deployment protocols.

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GOT(IT) #24: Iranian attacks on Universities, Russian agent behind Guccifer 2.0's mask, cryptojacking follows the tide

by Nicolas Poggi March 23, 2018

2018's top cyber-threat tendencies are living up to their name: state-sponsored attacks and cryptojacking continues on the rise

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