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GOT(IT) #16: Agressive new Android spyware, LeakedSource founder arrested, plus Gmail users ignore 2FA

by Nicolas Poggi January 19, 2018

We've discussed good password practices before, and even if the industry is divided when talking about password managers, we can all agree that 2-Factor-Authentication is a must.

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GOT(IT) #15: Intel patches impact performance, the future of WPA3, plus cryptomining through Wi-Fi

by Nicolas Poggi January 12, 2018

The week after the chaos, patches keep rolling and trouble keeps coming with Spectre and Meltdown's fallout damage to computers and OS.

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2017's Top stories from Prey users who fought theft and won!

by Nicolas Poggi January 11, 2018

Adios 2017! Time to look back at our user’s craziest stories with Prey, tracking their stuff back and fighting crime altogether.

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GOT(IT) #14: CPU flaw leaks Kernel memory, forces resdesign, codename Spectre & Meltdown

by Nicolas Poggi January 5, 2018

Now that the dust has settled, let's see what this critical CPU flaw means in terms of vulnerabilities, performance, and patching.

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GOT(IT) #13: Windows face unlock tricked, crypto-mining malware in Android, plus TV espionage exploit.

by Nicolas Poggi December 29, 2017

This year's last GOT(IT)! Lucky number 13, right? Fit for IT security skepticism, let's check this 2017 latest security news.

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GOT(IT) #12: North Korea accused of WannaCry, over 120 million US households exposed, plus the password debate.

by Nicolas Poggi December 22, 2017

We had pretty severe leaks this year, right? Equifax being the top of the list, until Alteryx stepped up and redefined the concept of leaked personal data.

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5 Tips to keep your Christmas gadgets safe and merry all year long.

by Nicolas Poggi December 13, 2017

Ahh, Christmas. Cheesy ornaments, great food, and awesome deals on gadgets. The perfect moment to update and secure everyone's favorite mobile devices!

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Device Security in Education: Carol Morgan School

by Nicolas Poggi December 4, 2017

Educational institutions are entering the digital era, and thus expanding their device fleets to laptops, tablets, and more devices to give their students and teachers new learning opportunities.

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GOT(IT) #11: FBI failed to give hacked officials notice, High Sierra login flaw, websites' new method to mine currencies.

by Nicolas Poggi December 1, 2017

If it'd aid an investigation, would you compromise an official's security by allowing these hackers to continue to act instead of giving notice?

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What's up: Extra features & Extra control on iOS

by Nicolas Poggi November 28, 2017

Hey you! Yeah you there with the iPhone and iPad. We've got news for you, buddy! Level-up your iOS device to unlock Prey's features.

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