MDM Spotlight N°3: Bonus Round, nothing's out of hand with File Retrieval

by Nicolas Poggi 27, Apr, 2018

FileRetrieval_blog.pngThe Bonus Round in our MDM package, File Retrieval. A little extra control on something you just can't lose: Data.

We already covered Control Zones and Advanced Search & Labeling, now it's time for a quick bonus round! Before we reach our upcoming addition, Mass Actions, let us treat you with our File Retrieval feature.

Data Rescue in a Rush

If I'm not mistaken, one of the four key points that guided us through our Mobile Device Management (MDM) timeline was:

  • Giving businesses more control with extra management functions. 

Anti-Theft means keeping both your devices and your data safe, so why not give users a chance of recovering specific files from their misplaced devices?

Learn all about Prey for Education, a specialized program focused on security  in-campus.

Still, recovering a full backup struggles to be viable when you face theft. Without any kind of control over the device's network activity and speed, you can't ensure a proper process.

File Retrieval had to be adapted to that context, where everything happens in a rush and a quick reaction makes a difference between getting that document, or getting nothing. 

Quick, Silent, Effective



Retrieving a specific file through Prey's panel is straightforward. Log in and select the device you want to access (make sure it's online!). On the right side of the Panel you will see Prey's actions, click on File Retrieval and begin the process.

Surf through your device's directory until you found the files you want to retrieve and... Hit Retrieve! You will receive each individual file to your email, ready to download.

By narrowing the process, you ensure you get what you need in time, leaving the unnecessary behind (then comes the Wipe!). 

Data Always at Hand

This bonus MDM feature has quite a few implementations. Whether you suffer theft, or a bit of laziness, File Retrieval is a quick solution to get that file back into your hands.

Loss & Theft:  Either one of your offices was robbed, or an employee lost his company phone at the park with sensitive documents he had been working on. Losing months of work isn't an option, locate the documents and retrieve. 

Lazy Mistakes: Hey, it happens to everyone. One of your users forgot his laptop at home with his presentation? Give him a helping hand and retrieve it. 

Remember: prioritize what matters with File Retrieval and wipe away the rest. When you race against theft, it's best to secure all crucial data and lock the perpetrator out. If you take your time, your files might end up in the wrong hands. 

Whew! Quick bonus round is up, now we have to get back on track for our third and last MDM Spotlight: Mass Actions, our upcoming feature and the knot that ties every tool in these Spotlights together. Coming soon this July.

Last stop: Read the MDM Spotlight Nº4: Mass Actions, our new feature!

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Nicolas Poggi
Nicolas Poggi

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