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GOT(IT) #6: John Kelly's phone compromised, Home Mini listened several users, plus Equifax hacked (again)

by Nicolas Poggi October 13, 2017

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) can cause security headaches if not handled properly, and this time, White House's Chief of Staff John Kelly caused a heavy migraine to the States' tech support.

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GOT(IT) #5: Yahoo's record breach grows, Russian hackers stole NSA data, plus new Dnsmasq flaws

by Nicolas Poggi October 6, 2017

What's worse than holding the record for the biggest data breach of all time? Well... Realizing it was actually three times bigger. October's certainly not good news for Yahoo!

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GOT(IT) #4: Deloitte's leak,  Cloudflare free DDoS protection, plus credit cards stolen from Sonic Drive-Ins.

by Nicolas Poggi September 29, 2017

September's end brings great news from Cloudflare, who will offer free DDoS protection services to all users. Are we looking at the beginning of global cybersecurity?

Friday's come with a whole lot more than dart tournaments at the office, let's recap this week's security news! This time it was Deloitte's turn to fall under an attack, plus grabbing a burger on the road might compromise your credit card; but hey, it's not all bad news.

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The 4 best business Password Managers of 2017

by Nicolas Poggi September 26, 2017

I think we learned a clear lesson from Equifax's catastrophic breach: People sucks at thinking good passwords.

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GOT(IT) #3: CCleaner got infected, new SMS scam on Android, plus UK's request to WhatsApp

by Nicolas Poggi September 22, 2017

The third one's the lucky charm, right? Well, it doesn't quite work that way for IT security news. Software is as volatile as ever and another one bit the dust: CCleaner.

 With GOT(IT) #3 we took our eyes out of Equifax's chaos and looked up to discover CCleaner has been infected, Android reported a new malicious app attack that implements an SMS scam, and WhatsApp refused to create a backdoor for the UK Government

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GOT(IT) #2: Equifax's lack of security, U.S. Government cuts Kaspersky usage, plus BlueBorne attack.

by Nicolas Poggi September 15, 2017

Back for round two? Top-shelf security news this week, with intelligence precautions taken by the US Government, a follow-up on how unprepared Equifax was (or is?), and the Bluetooth exploit BlueBorne.

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GOT(IT) #1: Equifax's catastrophic breach, new IRS scam, plus hacked power grids.

by Nicolas Poggi September 8, 2017

Ladies and gentleman, if you could please raise your glasses for the first weekly tech news recap at Prey... Got(IT)! We had a rough week in terms of security, with the latest IRS scam and possibly one of the biggest personal data breach of all time: Equifax.

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****, my computer was hacked! 3 things you should do immediately

by Nicolas Poggi September 4, 2017

What do you do when you get hacked? Aside from panic: you react. Many can relate to this: you open an attached file and bam... Your whole computer acts like a demonic force possessed it.

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MDM Spotlight Nº4: Closing the MDM Timeline with Mass Actions

by Nicolas Poggi July 19, 2017

Finally! Two spotlights and a bonus track later, we reach the present day. Get ready for the upcoming crowning MDM feature: Mass Actions

Ladies and gentleman... the circle is complete! With Mass Actions, Prey's Dev Team will reach the final milestone in the Mobile Device Management (MDM) timeline, achieving our goal of making Prey's robust security large scale friendly. 

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MDM Spotlight N°3: Bonus Round, nothing's out of hand with File Retrieval

by Nicolas Poggi July 19, 2017

The Bonus Round in our MDM package, File Retrieval. A little extra control on something you just can't lose: Data.

We already covered Control Zones and Advanced Search & Labeling, now it's time for a quick bonus round! Before we reach our upcoming addition, Mass Actions, let us treat you with our File Retrieval feature.

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