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GOT(IT) #23: US sanctions Russia over recent attacks, IoT health devices at risk, plus millions of Androids factory-infected

by Nicolas Poggi March 16, 2018

After a year full of accusations and political cyberattacks, countries are starting to take action against government sponsored hacks.

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GOT(IT) #22: Your Data's Price in the Dark Web, plus almost 50,000 sites infected with Cryptojacking

by Nicolas Poggi March 9, 2018

We've seen major data breaches last year, now it's time to see what the attackers make of our account's credential sales in the dark web.

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GOT(IT) #21: GitHub struck with biggest DDoS attack ever, new Spectre Variant, plus 20,000 stolen ETH returned

by Nicolas Poggi March 2, 2018

DDoS attacks were out of control last year, but this also pushed prevention companies in their efforts, and it has truly paid off.

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GOT(IT) #20: FedEx client leak, Hack the Air Force initiative wins, plus Skype's major exploit

by Nicolas Poggi February 16, 2018

Imagine you're in a stranded island, with nothing but a ball named Wilson, and a FedEx package appears in the beach with leaked user credentials...

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GOT(IT) #19: iPhone iBoot Code leak, 36 cybercriminals who stole $530m indicted, plus air-gapped computers hacked

by Nicolas Poggi February 9, 2018

We hope this week's cybercrime bust gives awareness of how big the impact scope is, and how necessary it is to educate and prevent.

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GOT(IT) #18: Cisco VPN bug with 10 out 10 severity, fitness app reveals secret US bases, plus Oracle micros flaw

by Nicolas Poggi February 2, 2018

A critical week with critical security flaws! But then again, which security issue isn't critical? The silliest breach can open a huge window for attackers.

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Protecting Mobile Healthcare Data in Multiple Counties: Jackson-Hinds CHC

by Nicolas Poggi January 30, 2018

Preventing remote access isn't the only barrier an educational institution can rise to defend both the professionals and the patients' data.

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GOT(IT) #17: Exploit in Blizzard's games, one third of global firms breached, plus the cryptocurrency craze

by Nicolas Poggi January 26, 2018

An exploit in games with such a following could be atrocious. Security in online games is an odd, but extremely dangerous niche for attackers to focus on.

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GOT(IT) #16: Agressive new Android spyware, LeakedSource founder arrested, plus Gmail users ignore 2FA

by Nicolas Poggi January 19, 2018

We've discussed good password practices before, and even if the industry is divided when talking about password managers, we can all agree that 2-Factor-Authentication is a must.

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GOT(IT) #15: Intel patches impact performance, the future of WPA3, plus cryptomining through Wi-Fi

by Nicolas Poggi January 12, 2018

The week after the chaos, patches keep rolling and trouble keeps coming with Spectre and Meltdown's fallout damage to computers and OS.

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