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Post mortem: why Prey was down, how we fixed it and what's next.

by Matias Wolff July 21, 2015

On Sunday, July 19th, 2015, Prey experienced an incident that lasted well into Monday 20th, effectively suspending all of our services and keeping users from being able to log into their accounts. We alerted our users on Sunday through our Facebook and Twitter accounts, and we were able to detail the status of the issue in two separate blog posts that explained how everything unraveled the next day.

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Prey’s back!

by patricio July 20, 2015

We’re super glad and relieved to say that Prey is finally back from the dead. As you may have noticed, our service was down for several hours due to issues with our hosting provider. It was merely an administrative problem that took us too long to resolve, and we truly apologize for all the inconveniences it may have caused. We’re still analyzing how and why the issue happened - it was a big one, but we learn from our mistakes.

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Our service is down and we're working to solve it

by Matias Wolff July 20, 2015

Hi, the Prey Team here. So you probably already noticed our service is currently down, which means there’s no way to access your Prey account - therefore, you’ll be unable to use any of the features Prey normally provides.

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Prey now working with police force against theft

by Matias Wolff July 10, 2015

Last week we talked extensively about the dangers of daring to retrieve a stolen device all by yourself. There are many… even deadly ones. No phone or laptop—or whatever’s in them—is worth risking your life. Our final advice: please go to the police. If your devices are ever stolen, report them to the authorities.

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How Prey Anti-Theft Helped Farmer Recover Stolen Goods

by Matias Wolff May 26, 2015

Although Prey Anti-Theft is an app intended to recover lost and stolen phones and laptops, a chilean businessman got creative — and used it to recover sacks of stolen produce.

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The upgrade process begins

by Rodrigo Aliste April 23, 2015

Times have changed, and so has Prey.

For some time now we've been working on a completely new and stronger agent for laptops, and it's finally ready for battle. Starting today, we will begin the upgrade process for all devices belonging to free accounts that aren't currently reported missing. This rollout upgrades the Prey agent to its latest version, which greatly improves device location and responsiveness, and also lays out the foundation for some of the new features we've been working on.

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The founding feathers are back

by Tomás October 29, 2014

If you're old enough to have seen the moment when Prey, the Prey Project, was born, you might remember that our logo used to be a realistic condor: a massive vulture native to the Andes mountains, that can grow up to two meters wide with its wings fully open. Basically a huge terrifying beast.

What you probably don't know is that the original condor logo was the product of a one-minute Google search for something like "big threatening bird that is about to eat something that is also big", and a following two-minute "convert bitmap to path" command on Inkscape using the first or second entry for that search.

Those were the days.

Some months later we got to run Prey on a phone for the first time, using a G2 Android that we were lucky enough to get at the I/0 conference in 2009. (Oh yes, young ones. There was a time when you could actually get into Google's event just by buying a ticket). Then we realized that we needed a squarish icon, and that our current horizontal big logo wouldn't fly for that purpose, so we had to figure something out.

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SSL/TLS "heartbleed" vulnerability patched for all Prey services

by Fabián Núñez April 8, 2014

The whole internet was affected by a major security vulnerability, known as Heartbleed. It was disclosed yesterday, so you might already know about the bug, which allows anyone on the Internet to read the memory of the systems protected by the vulnerable versions of the OpenSSL software, the technology used to encrypt most of the internet, including us.

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Our new YouTube channel will help you install Prey, generate reports, and more

by Fabián Núñez October 30, 2013

Sometime during the past few years the old saying "pics or it didn't happen" mutated into "YouTube video or you don't exist," or something like it. That's precisely why we decided to bring life to our YouTube channel, to prove our existence to show you what we're into, to answer your questions, and also to share with you all our media appearances.

Surprisingly enough, we didn't have many YouTube videos, tutorials, or anything. It wasn't because we're lazy, we promise! It was just that we wanted to do something really, really good, and we couldn't find the time. But videos are finally here, and they're here to stay. They're simple, they're honest, and (we hope), they're useful. Enjoy!

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We've got winners! Check the most peculiar devices running Prey

by Fabián Núñez August 12, 2013

When we first thought about this contest we never imagined how many people would apply. We got tons of emails from all over the world, from China to Iceland, showing how Prey can protect devices we never knew about. Last year we had Fernanda's story on how to protect a bicycle from theft, but now it was so much creativity that it was too difficult to choose. You won't believe how many geek things can run Prey!

Since we know you're dying to know who the winners are we'll make it quick. Just keep reading.

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