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Control Zones, our geofencing feature, now available for laptops

by Toncy Dunlop December 20, 2016

Releasing Control Zones some time ago was a big deal for us and our users. Finally, a geofencing feature for Prey was seeing the light: it was now possible for our users to create zones in the map in their Prey account and get notified each time a device left or entered an area. All fine and dandy, for iOS and Android.

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Improve Device Protection on Campus with Geofencing

by Toncy Dunlop December 19, 2016

Laptop thefts on campus are one big headache for IT guys. But what if your university has multiple campuses in town? A bigger headache!

In the United States, the Department of Education says this headache is "the most common crime on college campuses," according to Consumer Reports.

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School computer theft: Jedi tricks for data recovery & device tracking

by Toncy Dunlop December 7, 2016

Device management in schools is no longer just about PC tracking after a computer theft. Schools who are looking for the best recovery software must also consider issues like device and laptop data recovery, and use their information to help the police. 

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Better device management with new features: advanced search and labels

by Toncy Dunlop November 2, 2016

So you need to keep tabs on 30, 100, 10000 different phones, laptops, and tablets? No problem. Our new advanced search and labels features make a better job than Spock and Captain Kirk at managing large fleets.

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Use geofencing to actively keep track of your devices

by Toncy Dunlop January 22, 2016

You know what’s great about Prey? That you can get into your account and see where your devices are at any given time. You know what’s not so great about Prey? That you need to do this every time you want to know if they’re safe of not. This. Ends. Today.

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New Feature: Introducing Starred Reports

by Toncy Dunlop November 25, 2015

Prey’s new feature allows Pro users (those with Personal, Home or Customized plans)  to star reports, which will make handling the information Prey sends much easier and faster.

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Good news: double report capacity for free users and no more automatic report deletion

by Toncy Dunlop October 20, 2015

If you’re familiar with the use of Prey, you probably already know about the way our reporting feature works. Once you set your device as missing on your Prey account, report generation is triggered. As of that moment, Prey will gather information about your device and send detailed reports during the time the phone, laptop or tablet remains missing. New users need to know that this is a vital part of the way Prey works, and what makes reports meaningful and effective is that these are generally the key piece of evidence requested by police if you should ever need to retrieve your missing device.

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Improved protection for laptops, Prey version 1.4.1

by Toncy Dunlop August 12, 2015

Say hello to our latest updates and improvements! Yes, we’re excited to tell you about the things we’ve been working on, but we’re more excited about you experiencing them all by yourself.

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Prey 0.6.3 for Laptops is out! Improved geolocation, and more

by Tomás May 16, 2014

You may have heard that a new, fully rewritten and awesome desktop client is in the works, and you heard right. But that doesn't mean the existing one will disappear overnight. We plan to keep on supporting it until the new one is solid as Frodo's mithril armor, and this is a good way to prove it.

We've recently pushed an update that includes a quite a few things, but most notably a bugfix that handles an edge case that prevents Prey from determining your laptop's location. It occurs when the number of nearby Wi-Fi hotspots is so immensely long that not even Zeus has enough time nor the willpower to fully read it.

To see what else is in the menu, keep on reading. If just you can't wait, well, then just head directly for the kitchen. 0.6.3 will be waiting for you. All users are recommended to update -- which includes you, of course.

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Prey 0.6.1 for laptops is out!

by Tomás November 19, 2013

Just a quick fix for our Bash desktop client, mainly for compatibility.

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