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Losing a device doesn’t need to be a hopeless experience.

Our Reports are the key to get your recovery chances back. Once a device is set as missing, Prey will silently start collecting all the information you need to identify the location, and current holder of your lost device.

Stuff happens, to anyone.

A thief breaks in your home

You forget your bag in a taxi’s backseat

Someone takes your tablet by mistake

Your phone falls out your pocket at a party

WHAT NOW?The Report Timeline

Our killing feature makes recovery easy by delivering crucial information packages in an automated, periodical manner.

1. Activate Prey’s reports

Once you’re through the mini heart-attack that losing something gives you, you’ll remember that Prey is there for you. Time to react! Sign into your account’s panel, select any lost device and mark it as missing.

2. We gather information

Prey will start silently working in the background once the lost device connects to a network, delivering crucial evidence, pictures, and location to your Panel in the form of a tidy report. As simple as a screenshot, as detailed as networks data, and modifications log.

3. Take Action Accordingly

With our reports, you’ll have a better clue of your device’s situation. Did you lose it at school? Ring the alarm, or send a message to alert anyone who finds it. Has it been stolen? Lock it remotely, and retrieve any private documents. But more importantly...

4. Contact the Police

We told you we mean business, our reports are thorough and will *lend* you an extra hand when requesting the police’s assistance. So take every report with you, they are the evidence package any officer needs to plan Step five... What’s step five?

Step five is recovery!

Evidence made easy

Map and Coordinates

Pin-point location that uses both network and GPS data to show your device’s movements. While coordinates give you the accuracy that’s much needed when moving forward with a recovery.

Device Information

With the MAC address and your device’s public IP at hand, you can’t be fooled when trying to confirm that it is in deed your old phone. What’s more, receive the original missing date and the report’s generation time.

Cameras and Screenshots

Discover the places where your device has been, take silent snaps of the perpetrator, and receive screenshots that might give you a hint or two of whom has your device, for example, with a shot of their Facebook or Skype page. That ceiling picture won’t be useful, but the closeup on a stranger’s face will certainly be.

Network and Wi-fi Neighborhood

Receive not only the active networks to which the device is connected, but also the surrounding Wi-Fi active networks around the area that your phone, laptop, or tablet picks up. With the network names, and the signal strength you’ll have another trace to follow when closing in on a location.

Remember: The device needs to be connected to a network to activate and deliver Prey’s Reports.

Over 6 million users already benefit from Prey’s reports, from businesses and organizations, to students and families.

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