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Prey lets you track & find your phone, laptop, or tablet. Protect what you care for and it's free.

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Protect all your devices with a single account

Different operating systems and different devices? Not a problem! Prey works on all major operating systems and let's you track them from a single place.

Track & Find your Devices

Only when you request, Prey will gather and deliver detailed evidence back to you, including pictures of who's using your stolen device, its current location, the wifi networks surrounding it, public and private IP addresses, and much more.

Data Protection

When your data is at stake, bad things can happen. Prey allows you to remotely wipe the most relevant information, lock the device down, and even retrieve your most important files.

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Device report

Tracking devices is easy, we take gathering evidence to another level. When you lose a device, this is what Prey will do for you:

Geolocation, Signal Strength and Accuracy

Find your laptop or mobile devices wherever it is, anywhere in the world from anywhere in the world. The more, the better. It will show you how accurate the location is.

Device and Owner Info

They will signal where your device is hiding anywhere in the world. See your device's specs and the main user's registered name.

Camera Picture or Screenshot

Thieves won't stand a chance. For mobiles, it includes front and back camera. For Laptops and Desktops it includes a screenshot. all of them taken silently.

Additional data for police use

The report is solid piece of evidence, present it to the police and let them do their job.

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Recovery cases all over the world

I am so happy to have installed Prey. It worked perfectly and thanks to you I could get my laptop back in a country that isn’t even where I live!"
Hamilton, USA
I retrieved my phone very quickly thanks to Prey. I’ll recommend the service to everyone I know."
Santiago, Chile
I want to thank prey for totally aiding me in recovering $2000 worth of stolen property that was in my computer bag. I couldn't of done it without you. Thank you."
Virginia, USA
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Your privacy is our priority

Sensitive data is gathered only when you request it, and it is for your eyes only ‐ nothing is sent without your permission. Our proof of transparency is our code.

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