Tracking & Security Features For your devices A feature packed anti theft solution, that will fight to protect what’s important.

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The Prey Report The crucial piece of evidence to present to the police

No other app or service gets as serious as our Prey report. Just set your device to “Missing” on your control panel and you’ll start receiving reports with geolocation, front and back camera pictures, screenshots (on laptops), surrounding Wi-Fi networks and much more information.

The Prey Report

No other app or service gets as serious as our Prey report. Just set your device to “Missing” on your control panel and you’ll start receiving reports with geolocation, pictures, and more!.
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Front and Back Camera

Taken silently so thieves won’t stand a chance. Prey will gather and deliver evidence back to you, including pictures of who's using your stolen device, extremely crucial data for the police.
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Track your phone, laptop and tablet - wherever they may be. It doesn't matter where in the world you are or where in the world you think your lost device might be, we've got your back.
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Lock Your Device

Don't leave your data at stake. Prey allows you to remotely lock down your devices to ensure that no one can access to your private stuff. Privacy first!
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Wipe Your Data

Boom. All gone. Delete everything, from the private to the important to the utterly embarrassing. It's as easy as logging into your account and just selecting the files you wish to delete.
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Control Zones

Create zones in your city and get notified whenever your smartphone leaves or enters an area, so no more constantly checking your devices' whereabouts. It's available for iOS and Android.
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Data Recovery

File Retrieval is our star data recovery feature. Retrieve your sensitive information by getting an email with a download link with what you need. Just make sure the device is online!.

Super Loud Alarm

Even if your device’s sound is off, it’ll sound like gangbusters, making your device impossible to miss... even in a cluttered room under a pile of laundry (haven't we all been there?).

Advanced Search (Business)

Use our versatile search engine to find device information associated to tags and labels. Organizing and categorizing large device fleets has never been easier for busy IT managers like you.
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Personalized Support (Business)

Pro users and Business accounts will have our very dedicated support team helping them and guiding them through every part of the process, from mass deployment to assisting in device recovery.

Customizable Labels (Business)

Manage large fleet of devices smoothy by tagging them and organizing them with our customizable labels. Some fixed labels include device operating system, Prey version, o device type. Simple!.
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Mass actions

Bulk actions is an IT manager's dream come true. Need to trigger a thousand alarms on a thousand different devices? Or maybe set 60 devices to missing? No matter how big the task, we got you.
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Your privacy is our priority

Sensitive data is gathered only when you request it, and it is for your eyes only ‐ nothing is sent without your permission. Our proof of transparency is our code.

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