A) Personal Information

We collect personal information when you register for an account or otherwise voluntarily provide information. We also match devices that you add to the system to your personal account. We use cookies and other technologies to enhance and personalize your user experience and learn how you use the service in order to improve quality and add features, and to provide enhanced or geographically differentiated features and service levels to users, where available. Our servers automatically record information when you visit the site including IP address, URL, browser type and language preferences.

We will not sell or market the email addresses or other collected personal information of registered Users to third parties. We will not view the files that you backup using the Service. We may view your file system information (file extensions, sizes etc. but not your file contents) to provide technical support.

B) Tracking

On desktop and laptop PCs, the Agent queries the Control Panel on a defined interval, passing a Device Key that is unique to that device, which is matched to your account. If Active Mode is enabled (see Pro Account Features), the Control Panel will keep track of the time when the request was made. Otherwise, no data will be logged on the server until you manually activate tracking for that device, either by marking it as missing (desktop and laptop PCs), sending the activation SMS (phones), or via push notification (PCs and phones).

Once tracking is activated, the Agent will proceed to collect information on your device, but only what you specifically request through the Control Panel (e.g. the enabled modules for that device). This may include the device’s internal and external IP, the username for the active session, the current physical location, a screenshot of the active desktop, and a picture of the thief if a webcam is present, among other things. Once collected, the information is packed and sent to the Control Panel (“Report”) where it is stored securely and is only accessible by using your account credentials.

You have the option to delete any information that you no longer require, at any given moment. If deleted, no traces are kept from any report, as all data is permanently destroyed.

C) Uses

We may use personal information to provide the services you have requested. We may also use aggregated non-personal information for auditing, research and analysis to operate and improve Prey technologies and services.

Personal information is not shared with other third parties and is solely used by Prey, Inc.. All personally identifiable information is not shared with any other third party unless they are directly involved in the recovery of your stolen computer, such as law enforcement entities.

We will not sell or share any of your personal information or information collected from your stolen computer to third parties.

We may occasionally send you administrative communications regarding your account or the Service via email, to inform you of upgrades, outages and other product related information.

Prey Android App

Prey utilizes Android Device Administrator permission for its Remote Wipe and Lock features:

Granting permission allows you to activate our data protection tools remotely to counter data theft.

The Remote Wipe lets you execute a data wipe on a lost device, while our Lock feature blocks access to it with a lock screen and a custom password.