Lost+Found: Case V9RH – Android Phone recovered in Santiago, Chile

by Fabián Núñez 9, Oct, 2016

Stolen Android Phone Recovered in Santiago de Chile thanks to Prey

  • Location: Santiago, Chile.
  • Date Lost: January 8th, 2015.
  • Date Recovered: January 8th, 2015.
  • Theft: Ripped bag.
  • Missing items:  Android Phone.
  • Police reaction: I couldn't find any policeman.
  • Time it took for first report to arrive: Immediately, as soon as I could figure out how to read the reports.
  • Once received, time it took for police to recover it: It wasn't necessary.
  • Final thoughts: I feel relieved, extremely happy, fearless and smart.

Full story below:

The thief took my phone while I was surveying at the train station. I am 26 and that was the first time that someone stole my phone. At that moment I was with a friend, but her phone wasn't working so I couldn't lock my phone instantly. I looked for the police for about half an hour, but they were nowhere to be seen. Not even at the three police stations nearby.

Frustrated, I proceeded to look for a computer with an internet connection to lock my phone, but I couldn't find any cybercafe. At that point I was angry, desperate and hopeless. For no particular reason I went to a bookshop, and borrowed a salesman's phone. With the device I locked mine in seconds, sent a message to the thief asking my phone back. Then I tracked it and the map showed me that my phone was still at the station.

I walked around, looking suspiciously to anyone with a phone like mine, who was a lot of people because my phone is very common around here. Obviously, my not-so-clever strategy proven ineffective, so I went back to the bookshop and I returned the phone to the sweet guy who lent me his.

Sometime later I found a cybercafe not so far from the station. One hour later the map showed the same thing: my phone was still there! I thought that the GPS was off, or that the thief had disabled my phone, but luckily my friend came and said; Hey, your phone status is Connected, so the information must be accurate and it should really be there. Then I saw the Alarm, which once activated sounds for 30 seconds. And then came the idea.

I went back to the bookshop.

I borrowed the guy's phone again.

We returned to the train station.

When we got there, my friend constantly sounded the alarm while walked trough the whole station... until then the magic happened: WE HEARD IT!!!! The phone was hidden under a shop, just between the station's and the shop's floors.

Here in Chile it's normal to steal and hide the goods, so if the police grabs and searches thieves, there will be no evidence. They can come back later at night at take all the hidden goods. This time the stupid thief must had been very angry when he came back for my phone and found nothing! Mwahahaha!!

I shared my story on Facebook and told all the people I know to install Prey. It can save you more than a headache and a couple of dollars.

Cheers for you guys! You rock! #preyrocks

Fabián Núñez
Fabián Núñez

Head of Sales and Customer Happiness at @preyproject. I love tech and Asian food. Headbanging since 2002. Overall badass.
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