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What’s New: Updated Privacy Policies and Terms of Service

by Nicolas Poggi May 24, 2018

With the arrival of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) this May 25th, we worked to make the example and further develop our platform’s Privacy core.

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Top 6 Frequently Asked Questions About GDPR

by Nicolas Poggi May 23, 2018

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is practically here –it comes into force on May 25–, and there is no going back. As an IT manager, can you say your company is ready?

A recent CompTIA survey of 400 US-based companies –published in early May–, revealed 52% are either still exploring the applicability of GDPR to their business, have determined that GDPR is not a requirement for their business, or are unsure. Just 13% say they are fully GDPR–compliant.

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The Impact of GDPR on IT Management

by Nicolas Poggi May 16, 2018

Does your organization do business with European firms? Does your IT department manage user data originated in Europe? If this is the case, you might want to check this out.

Unless you have been living under a rock –a big one– you know user privacy has become the key issue of our tie. But in spite of scandals like the Equifax data breach of 2017 and Cambridge Analytica this year, American regulators have largely dismissed their user’s privacy concerns.

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GOT(IT) #29: A no-password future by Firefox, FBI's numbers on cybercrime, plus Google query mines accounts from Trello boards

by Nicolas Poggi May 14, 2018

This week we talk about a password-less future! What's your password-killer choice? Biometrics, physical keys, or another one?

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GOT(IT) #28: Doppelgänging Ransomware, Pacemakers cybersecurity fragile, plus Android P blocks network monitoring.

by Nicolas Poggi May 7, 2018

This week we're looking at new threats and security changes that could soon become day-to-day issues!

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How to Communicate BYOD Governance Policies to University Students

by Nicolas Poggi May 2, 2018

Have you ever considered asking students in your campus to leave their mobile device at home? Exactly. The answer would be quizzical looks and a resounding “no!”

Mobility is just part of everyday life for the vast majority university students, like electricity or tap water. They come to campus with mobile phones, laptops, consoles, and wearables without many concerns about securing their devices or protecting campus networks.

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GOT(IT) #27: GrandCrab ransomware campaign, Total Meltdown working exploit, plus the Drupalgeddon

by Nicolas Poggi April 30, 2018

A week of warnings! This time we have a recap full of flaws, exploits, and malware, so keep your eyes open and see what could affect your network.

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Learn More About the Internet of Things, Here are 10 Blogs to Follow

by Nicolas Poggi April 24, 2018

Back in August, we wrote about the future having arrived for the Internet of Things (IoT), exploring Three key IoT trends to keep your eye on in 2017. As we noted then, the industrial sector leads when it comes to the development of IoT solutions, but new industries are starting to catch up...

Vendors like Amazon, Apple, and Google are leading the charge in bringing millions of new home devices online to join the billions of intelligent IoT solutions. These devices are spreading into people's homes and into new industries, which are discover multiple new applications for these devices.

Businesses and consumers need to understand how IoT impacts their own products and solutions and to explore how IoT devices can be deployed to help with their day-to-day business. Yet with so much progress, it’s become harder to cut through the noise to identify and understand the innovations that matter, or the new applications of IoT that we can learn from.

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IoT + BYOD: Opportunities & Potential Risks posed by Wearables

by Nicolas Poggi April 18, 2018

Take a quick glance around your office, and you may quickly note that several of your company's employees are now sporting wearables, which most often come in the form of fitness trackers. You might even own one!

In 2015, eMarketer projected that, by 2019, two out of five people will use a wearable. And thanks to an abundance of anecdotal evidence, that number checks out.

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GOT(IT) #26: Flaw in Outlook leaks passwords, cyberattacks target accountants, plus police forces seek to crack iPhones

by Nicolas Poggi April 16, 2018

This week we steer clear from this year's tendencies and we start to look into new flaws and targets!

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