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5 Tips to keep your Christmas gadgets safe and merry all year long.

by Nicolas Poggi December 13, 2017

Ahh, Christmas. Cheesy ornaments, great food, and awesome deals on gadgets. The perfect moment to update and secure everyone's favorite mobile devices!

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Device Security in Education: Carol Morgan School

by Nicolas Poggi December 4, 2017

Educational institutions are entering the digital era, and thus expanding their device fleets to laptops, tablets, and more devices to give their students and teachers new learning opportunities.

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GOT(IT) #11: FBI failed to give hacked officials notice, High Sierra login flaw, websites' new method to mine currencies.

by Nicolas Poggi December 1, 2017

If it'd aid an investigation, would you compromise an official's security by allowing these hackers to continue to act instead of giving notice?

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What's up: Extra features & Extra control on iOS

by Nicolas Poggi November 28, 2017

Hey you! Yeah you there with the iPhone and iPad. We've got news for you, buddy! Level-up your iOS device to unlock Prey's features.

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GOT(IT) #10: Uber covers 57 million user data breach, the FCC tackles Net Neutrality

by Nicolas Poggi November 24, 2017

We've reached the tenth edition of GOT(IT)! For this special date we'll talk about two huge topics, data breaches and Net Neutrality.

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Thanksgiving 101: Helping your mobile devices survive the trip

by Nicolas Poggi November 22, 2017

Time to pack your bags, load the car, and travel a few miles to share Thanksgiving with loved ones! But hey, you can't leave your gadgets behind.

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GOT(IT) #9: Billion accounts in the black market, AVGater flaw gives full system control, plus Boeing 757 hacked

by Nicolas Poggi November 17, 2017

You know what doesn't sound fun? Missing Thanksgiving because your plane got hacked, hell of an excuse though.

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Device Diversity: Now Chromebook-ready!

by Nicolas Poggi November 14, 2017

We love to say Prey is ONE ACCOUNT TO RULE THEM ALL! Well, actually, to protect and manage them all. 

Currently we support Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Android, iOS, and macOS in terms of operating system; while device-wise, Prey is available for tablets, laptops, desktops, and mobile phones. Well, the family has grown!: Prey is now supported in 54 Chromebooks (See the list).

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GOT(IT) #8: Pwn2Own tackled top-tier phones, Fancy Bear hit-list discovered, plus Heathrow's security leaked.

by Nicolas Poggi November 3, 2017

A USB stick was found laying on the ground with top-secret security protocols for Britain's Queen? Someone's gonna get fired.

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GOT(IT) #7: WPA2 vulnered, Android's DoubleLocker ransomware, plus naval and aircraft military data stolen.

by Nicolas Poggi October 20, 2017

How do you react that a world-wide used standard that has been compromised? Patches, patches everywhere.

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