Lost+Found: Case 8479 – Stolen Android Phone recovered in Santiago, Chile

by Matias Wolff 9, Oct, 2016

  • Location: Santiago, Chile
  • Date stolen: May 7th, 2015
  • Date recovered: July 8th, 2015
  • Theft: Surprise robbery on public transport
  • Missing Items: Samsung Note 3
  • Police reaction: Prey reports required to open investigation
  • Time it took for first report to arrive: 20 days
  • Time it took the police to recover the item: It took PDI (Investigations Police of Chile) 1 week to recover the device, from the moment they asked for the information sent by Prey.
  • Final thoughts: I'm very happy. Installing Prey was a great decision, as it was vital for the device recovery.

Full story below:

I was heading home on the public transport, when my device was snatched from my pocket at a stop. I noticed the robbery a few moments after it happened. As soon as I arrived to my house, I set the device to "Missing" on my Prey account and headed to the police to report the theft.

20 days later, I got my first report from Prey. With that information, I went to the prosecutor and handed him the 2 reports that Prey sent with the location of my device. Then they asked me to deliver every single report generated by Prey to the day.

Finally, a few days later, I got a call from the Investigations Police, telling me they had recovered the device and asking me to go to their office to get it back!

The truth is that  Prey was vital in the search for my device, as it delivered all the necessary information to get to it quickly and effectively. It's a simply fantastic service, what you've done... Thanks to you, I recovered what's mine and I feel all my devices are safer with Prey installed in them.

Again, thanks and congratulations.

Matias Wolff
Matias Wolff

CMO at Prey. BA in Advertising with a major in Marketing from Universidad del Pacífico. Master in International Marketing at ESMA, Barcelona. 18 years’ experience in multinational companies. I am a volunteer at the Endeavor program, and teach Integrated Marketing Communications at the Masters in Innovation program, Universidad Católica de Chile.
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